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PLO line check

1/2/5 at Aria. OR and first caller are the two clowns from my other post.

I’m in LP with KTT9 sooted to the K. It’s opened to 15 by V1 PFR 95% , and we go 5 ways. I don't really like this hand, I hate PP below JJ, but position, the soot, loose and overaggressive V's, seems like a pretty easy call?

Flop ($75) QT4ssx, I’ve got no spades. V1 pots, there’s 2 calls (V2 and a MAWW, seems competent but not much of a read), and it’s on me. I could raise but I elect to call and see a turn. Too weak?

Turn ($375) comes out an offsuit Q, and it’s checked to me. V1 I suppose could have QQ or even Q4, but he could have anything tbh, and I would have thought QQ from a field caller would have raised the flop while Q4 isn't very likely. So I figure I’m almost assuredly ahead. It's checked to me, I have slightly less than a psb left. We're betting all day, correct? But how much? Is there any point in betting less than all-in?


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 295Subscriber
    edited February 8
    I hate the just-call on the flop. You're inviting huge amounts of variance by keeping additional V's along for the ride to the Turn. Now, OTT you're unsure what to do on an 8, 9, J, K, A, or any spade. (Very selfish plug to listen to my podcast "Counting Clean" on this dynamic.) . You need to clean up your visibility and re-pot here. If you run into QQ from V1, that totally sucks, but the other two clowns fair to have combo draws given the wet board and the action.

    I try to think of it this way: What happens if a total blank falls on the turn? In this case, the 2h. If V1 pots, am I going to fold??? No? Well then GII on the flop. Don't let those jokers with 9-high FDs and a gutter bad beat you without paying the full price.

    That being said, you likely just made the near-nuts OTT and I'd bet my stack to see if you can get someone to come along b/c "there's too much in the pot", and to target all non-full Q's that are looking to hang around and see if they fill up on the river. The fact that you have no more money behind may entice someone to call on a draw that is drawing dead.
  • Oneup Posts: 30Subscriber
    I’d pot the flop since it’s 5 way and flop is one of action flop.

    As played, I’d just rip it in vs 3 players with less than psb left. We won’t be able to fold any river card if we bet less than allin on the turn unless you have some serious history with other players which sounds like you don’t.
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    Preflop - In the described game with the preflop maniac and in position, I'm definitely calling with this hand.

    Flop - I agree with the others. You can GII here with a re-pop, so no need to get fancy. You may win a nice pot immediately or GII ahead of two pairs, lower sets, SDs, and/or FDs. With the field callers, its unlikely anyone has QQxx here, but you are not getting away from set-over-set at this stack size anyway.

    Turn - As played, ship. You either take down a nice pot or may get called by Qxxx. If someone checked queens full, you just got coolered at this stack size.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,103Subscriber
    I agree completely with both of you. This hand happened about 2 hands after the other one I posted (the gamble spot) and I was a combo of still thinking about the last one as well as a bit tilted at myself for (likely) taking a spot I didn't need to. Mostly it was having to listen to the guy who 4! with T664 chirp about what a bad play I made as he scooped the pot.
    TerpHimself said:
    (Very selfish plug to listen to my podcast "Counting Clean" on this dynamic.)
    I've actually listened to it twice. My problem was tilt. I have the information in me brain, I just didn't get it to my hands efficiently and quickly enough to push the chips in the middle. I can't even remember the last time I seriously tilted in NLHE, but in PLO it seems to happen much more than it should. Still getting used to the swings I guess.

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