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AQs in LP 3 way pot on dry board vs. calling stations. Turn TPTK facing a lead, best line?

liluzivert11 Posts: 6Subscriber
edited February 8 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 100 effective
Hero in lj AQcc

Utg limp
Hero 10
Hj call
Bb call

Flop 237ssx
X around

Turn Qh
Bb lead 15
Hero call
Hj call

River Js
Bb lead 20

I intentionally did not cbet flopbecause I feel like I have 0 fold equity in this game. AP, should I be raising the turn bet? Also river I feel like I'm getting a good price but also have a player behind.


  • cubbies95y Posts: 9Subscriber
    (Disclaimer: I’m still learning)

    I’m not raising turn there personally, feels like we’re not getting much that we’re beating to call us, and I’m def calling river.
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