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$2/$5 Thin Value Raise?

Villain is rec. player who limp-calls whole range. There's a big tournament today and a big local event going on, so the room is more touristy than normal.

Villain ($600) limps from mp2. 2 limps. Hero OTB A 8. SB completes, BB checks.

Pot $25. Flop 8 6 4 . Check, check, Villain bets $15, fold, call, Hero raises to $60??? Only villain calls.

Pot $158. Turn K . Check, hero???

Good flop raise for value OTB? What should I do on this turn?


  • Garland Posts: 253Subscriber
    I don't mind your raise on the flop. The K is not likely to help villain unless he has specifically K x. I would just bet the turn for $110 or so with the plans to check-back the river.
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