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$2/$5 Trust a Player at This Level to Fold to River Raise?

$800 eff. Villain is rec. older guy. Will always see the flop cheap if possible. Always man-spreads his legs and leans way back in his chair. Big Lebowski-style. Not important for the hand, but funny nonetheless, no?

2 limps. Hero in CO with T 9 calls. Villain in BB raises to $20. 1st limper calls. Fold. Hero calls.

Pot $60. Flop J 7 5. Villain bets $30. Call. Call.

Pot $150. Turn 2. Villain bets $100. Fold. Hero calls.

River J. Villain bets $100. How much am I raising here? I am never not raising here. Don't suggest it to me. I refuse to hear it... OK, if it can be justified.


  • Garland Posts: 272Subscriber
    I would strongly consider raising pre-flop to $30-$35. As played, I would raise this flop. As played, I would fold the turn. You're not getting the odds. On the river, you need to know if the villain is the type to be able to make big laydowns. If so, I would raise to $275.
  • JLBJ Posts: 171Subscriber
    You just have to know your guy. Plenty of older snug recs will snap call a raise on the river with AA and KK, knowing they’re beat, just so they can show their hand to the table for pity.

    Yes, in theory a good spot to bluff. His hand is face-up, and you’re telling a believable story that you called to the river with a jack and got there.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 158Subscriber
    Travel back to poker of yester years... make some kind of min raise on the flop and check back turn for a free card, then not bluff the river.

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