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$2/$5 The Butterfly Bluff. Because it changes to Value-betting. Because you see the butterfly...

...through cell growth and differentiation.

For this hand, some history with villain. Villain limp-calls too wide preflop. Will make button clicking isolating raises preflop and on the flop. On the flop he will sort of bomb with any kind of great or average hand. He also value-bets according to hand strength when the pots get deep on later streets, he will value-bet 1/8 to 1/4 pot bet with medium strength hands.

One hand I still don't know about against him on a board of 984 2 J he bet $100 into a pot of $700. He only had $300 behind and I did not know if I could get him off his TJ with a river raise. I passed on the chance.

But anyways, $695 eff. utg+1 calls. Hero mp2 K Q calls. Villain in BB raises to $20. Limper calls. Hero calls.

Pot $55. Flop T 8 7 . Villain bets $35. Fold. Hero raises to $100?? (Thoughts?) Villain calls.

Pot $255. Turn A . Villain checks. Hero bets $125. Villain calls.

Thoughts on flop raise? What rivers am I bluffing?

Also, the River was the 3. So...pretty neat there.



  • Garland Posts: 272Subscriber
    Why are we not raising pre-flop? As played, flop raise is meh. I would prefer to do it with a gutshot & two overs. If you're bluffing the turn, you probably need to bomb it more than $125 (maybe $175-$200).

    If he calls the turn, it's hard for me to continue because he can't have the K, so it's likely he has a pretty strong hand unless he has 9, 9x?

  • JLBJ Posts: 171Subscriber
    Agree with Garland. Raise preflop. Don’t like a raise with virtually no equity on the flop when called.

    Good news is villain should be nice and tilted now if he calls you on river.
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