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Call or is this a spew

Kmurphy Posts: 18Subscriber
edited February 11 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 effective stack 160.

Villain UTG limps. Hero MP2 raises to 15 with A♠️Q♥️. Folds to villain who calls.

Flop A♥️4♣️5♥️

Villain checks, hero bets 15. Villain raises to 55. Has 90 left. Hero calls. Hero thought about shipping it, but decided to call.

Turn 7♥️

Villain goes all in for 90. Hero has him covered. Do we call or fold?

Hero realizes that villain has all low sets 2 pair, and combo draws off the flop. Does the Q♥️ make this a call?

Appreciate all feedback on each street.


  • Xboblove Posts: 119Member
    In the world of sensible play, villain is telling you he's going down with this hand. The moment you decide to call the flop, you too should be committed. Notwithstanding any other considerations, folding the turn in this spot is no bueno. Consequently it doesn't matter whether you call down or jam the flop, as any betting error OTF should be self correcting.
    by 1Kmurphy
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