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How to not get stacked vs villain with set

creem54 Posts: 5Subscriber
edited February 11 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hello all, I would appreciate some advice on the following hand.

$1/$3 nlh at Post Oak Poker club in Houston TX, $1300 effective and I have a TAG image. $6 Straddle on the button and I am in the sb w AKs. Table is very loose passive except for villians in MP1 and CO who are LAGs.

First to act I limp AKs with the intention to iso 3bet. MP2 raises to $25, CO & BTN both call. I 3bet to $130 hoping to A) not play the hand oop and B) get some folds preflop if possible. MP2 calls everyone else folds.

Flop is A97 rainbow. I cbet for $135, MP2 calls.

Turn is another 7 which at the time I thought was a good card for me. I bet $350, villain calls.

River is a 6. I put villain on AQ/AJ after the flop, really wasn't too worried about combos of 8T. I bet $500 on the river looking for a crying call.

Villain takes a moment then JAMs for my remaining ~$275. Now, I know my AK can't be good. I call it off and he flips over 77 for quads.

I would like some advice on how I could play this spot better. Did I bloat the pot necessarily oop? Should I check the turn when the board pairs 7?

I thought 99 was in the villains range so should I have acted accordingly?


  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    That's an insane pot in 1/3. You rarely get pot that big in 2/5. Think it's just a cooler. Villain played the hand perfectly IP. With your sizing your defined his range a lot. AQ had to be the worst hand.
  • creem54 Posts: 5Subscriber
    edited February 11
    Villain I'm sure was doing backflips in his mind when he turns quads and gets bet into so heavy.

    Cooler or did I misplay this?
  • AndyinSanDiego Posts: 6Subscriber
    He probably doesn't call the limp 3 bet with T8, and there are no flush draws. Could have AK, AQ, maybe AJs but you block a lot of those combos. As played I check the river and fold to his push.

    As an aside I may be in Houston for Christmas (I know, a long way off) and was talking to a guy over the weekend that said games at Post Oak are like playing in the early 2000s. Any truth to this? Also is the $1/$3 game capped at $1,000? How often do they run bigger games? Thanks for any insight, and cool to see Houston getting some legitimate card rooms.
  • creem54 Posts: 5Subscriber
    I was a bad/loosing player in the early 2000s and most players at Post Oak remind me of that. So I would say your buddy told you the truth. Our most popular room is called Prime and the story is the same there.

    The $1/$3 at Post Oak is capped initially and 100 BB when the game starts but then you can match the big stack on the table. So the game plays big. Post Oak doesn't really run anything bigger than $1/$3

    Prime runs a $5/$5 nlh game on Friday/Saturday. There are $5/$5 plo games daily at Prime. There is usually a 15/30 o8 game daily as well.
  • JLBJ Posts: 171Subscriber
    That’s such a massive pot at 1-3.

    I’m slowing down on the turn. You can check there and widen his range, get his AQ and AJ to bet for value and catch bluffs from his floats.

    Your bet was so large on the turn, it just narrows his range to where he’s either praying and holding on with AQ or he has you crushed.

    A limp-reraise preflop followed by three streets of big bets, piling in over 400 BBs, seems ambitious for one pair unless it’s against a total whale. And even then I’m scared.
  • NorbertHering Posts: 16Member
    Very nice hand. If you check the turn you loose value against AQ, AJ, maybe QQ. Plus you are out of position, if he bets, you´re swimming. Maybe your hand doesn´t need that much protection and if you bet less on those streets, you could possibly fold the river. These are just random thoughts, I´m not really sure if it´s a "mistake" in betsizing or if a turn check would get you off the hook.

    I don´t like the call preflop with the pocket 7 though. He had wet pants after that hand.
  • creem54 Posts: 5Subscriber
    JLBJ said:

    I’m slowing down on the turn. You can check there and widen his range, get his AQ and AJ to bet for value and catch bluffs from his floats.

    Your bet was so large on the turn, it just narrows his range to where he’s either praying and holding on with AQ or he has you crushed.
    Yes, I see what you mean here. In general I will not go for 3 streets of value and I think I got out of hand here.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! Its good perspective.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,568Subscriber
    I'm thinking a larger pre flop raise might be good. $160 perhaps. A flop check is ok on a dry flop
  • FriendlyFish Posts: 83Member
    Where I play you can’t straddle on the button, only from UTG so I have little experience in playing button straddled pots (have played couple sessions at wynn but thats it).

    That being said, a limp reraise is always screaming strength so villians who call your limp reraise are aware of this.

    On the flop I like a check as I would check QQ KK here and having AK in your checking range makes it harder for villian to vaue bet his AJs hands against u when u have KK.

    A check is also good because when villian is behind, he has very little equity to catch up so giving a free card is not that bad. Also going for 3 streets is very tough in a limp 3b pot even against AQs its hard to stack them, and if that hand is calling 3 streets it would certainly bet for you anyways when u check.

    I can see merit in betting on the flop to denie whatever little equity they have tho but the bet should be very small 1/4 to 1/3 pot max. And if i bet flop I would certainly check turn or bet smaller.

    As played you already put the majority of the stacks in so calling the $275 can’t be that bad.

    * for people saying this hand is 400BB effective it’s actually “only” 220BB since with the $6 straddle, the BB is effectively $6
  • creem54 Posts: 5Subscriber
    edited February 16
    Thanks FriendlyFish,

    It sucked to loose in that manner and I like your thought process. I ended up booking a $1.2k loss that day. I know I have some serious leaks in my game that I am working on.

    The very next day at Prime Social here in town I book a $1.5k win (in for $400 cash out $1900 again at $1/$3).

    The point being that the games here in Houston TX are so juicy that I believe if I can simply play better in these spots my win rate will look even better than the ~10BB/hr I currently have over my last 80 hours of play.

    Thanks to everyone for great feedback.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,389Subscriber
    bet less than $130. Your opponent either has a pair, AJs+.

    Now I would have raised more preflop if you want to pull this play. Pot is $75 and you raised to $130. your opponent had to call $55 to set mine a perfect amount in a 3b pot. If your goal was to make everyone fold $130 is not the right size. If they are calling $130 they are calling $180 with a similar range. And the raise amount pots 10% of your stack in the middle which is committing. While this is an incredibly unlucky situation the issue was preflop.

    In this 3b pot you should be betting like 1/3rd pot for your entire range.

    Hand example last night.

    I raise AA UTG get this nit caller in the BB.
    FLOP 972r - X, I bet 1/3p, he calls. At this point I know he has a pair of some kind or maybe in a blue moon AK. Most pairs are smaller pairs with 9 set combos.
    TURN 7 (2 spades but inconsequential) - X, X..... I am keeping all his hands in
    RIVER A he bets 2/3......

    This is an entire range estimation.
    Say he has a big pair sure I can get more money from him. But those hands are less than 1/3rd of his entire range.
    A small portion is sets.
    A large portion is some floated AK and maybe he is bluffing.
    A larger portion is smaller pairs.

    So examine maximizing all the profit or lack of loss I can make from this hand. By playing the way I did I maximized vs the larger weaker range, minimalized vs the sets, and got the exact streets possible more from larger pairs as I can min raise the river. In this case I shoved my Aces full going vs max value vs a small range of sets and AK. Because nothing else will call and at this point there is no reason to min-raise or do something goofy. He had 99 and I stacked him. But if the Ace didnt fall I would have lost the least. With todays games players are a little more careful.
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