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AA all in pre or very short SPR to flop

Just got back from Vegas where I played a few sessions of 1/3/5 PLO. I was all in pre with AAxx or KKxx DS a few times. A lot of times it went I raise to 15 EP and get a few callers then LP pots to 50-70 and I repot getting it all in. I was usually around 300-500. The people that won these hands weren't even the best run down just gambling? J1056dc or KJ107 stuff like that. I see people doing this all time. Is that a terrible play? Knowing that hero has AA or KK at least? Then it would be 3-4 ways to the flop too and they would win a 1K pot by getting lucky. It's a terrible way to think but I've seen it so often and I don't have to courage to do something like that myself. Any help would be appreciated. @TerpHimself


  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    Most every video and podcast on CLP says if you can gii pre or get SPR under 1.5 with AA do it. It's a bankroll thing for some people, but let's imagine a 4 way AI for $500 each where you have 35%. You paid 500 for have 700 worth of equity. That is +200, or 50/hr in a 4 hour session. This isn't a marginal spot, it's a massive fist pump spot...assuming you have the bankroll (and psyche) for PLO.

    Even if you only have 30%, it's still a +$100 EV spot. I'd never turn that down (unless it was for half my BR or something absurd like that.)
  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    In PLO it is extremely common for villains to think its a good strat to call with middle or low cards vs a likely high pair. When SPR is high that can be right also. Deeper there are ways to reduce the variance at the cost of some ev. Short you have to go with all your better AA KK but this also shows why folding AA or KK that have nothing else going for then when short and out of position is worth considering given you are going to get called and you want to have your other 2 cards working for you
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