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1/2 PLO Aria

Hand 1
1/2 PLO
6 handed
AQ♥️67♦️ Hero 555
CO 15 Hero BTN flat SB 55 both call
Flop (175) K83 r
Check check I bet 125
SB tank calls.
Turn Q♦️ (425)
Check I go all in 375
Play ok?
Hand 2
1/2 PLO Hero 550
3 limps
Hero BTN 25
Flop (100) K107 all ♥️
Check to me, play?
Check through.
Turn J
Hand 3
1/2 PLO Hero 450
A4♣️Q5♠️ MP open 15
3 callers
Flop (60) A♥️Q♦️4♦️
I bet 45. 1 caller.
He has to have a flush draw I block everything, Right?
Turn (125) 8♦️
Check fold to 100 turn bet
Hand 4
1/2 PLO Hero 350
all cover
AAK6 ♠️ UTG 15
5 callers
What is the flop sizing?



  • CycleV Posts: 1,102Subscriber
    1. TBH I have no idea what we're doing with this hand.

    2. Bet the flop, 40-60 depending. There's still so many SD that you don't want to give a free card to.

    3. Flop pot it, why mess around on a wet board when we have likely the best hand? turn is a sigh-fold imo for the reasons you gave.

    4. Pot it or at least close to it. FD are gonna call, sets are gonna call, BW wraps are likely gonna call if they're big enough. Not clear which spade you have, the ace I guess? Most V's in PLO are going to make calling mistakes, they love to chase which is why they play PLO, but if you make a small bet they aren't usually making a mistake. Make them make mistakes.
    by 1MrO
  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    1. I also have no idea what you are doing here. You might get better to fold sometimes but better to focus on value then wierd bluff spots

    2. Flop. Monotone boards are odd in spots like this as people who flopped a flush will often check to you. So I bet these small even when I have hit them.

    3. Fold Pre. As played I'm ok with a passive line sometimes pot flop some times, its probably good to have both lines in your strategy. Im also folding most of the time when the flush comes and lead into as its rare thats anything other than value

    4. Half pot to full pot. I want to be able to have the same bet size for my whole range here for any given board texture. This is pretty dynamic. We are never leading as a bluff and you are deep enough you want bad draws to make an equity mistake on the turn so at this debth pot flop is probably best

    by 1MrO
  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    Hand 1
    SB tank folds, was just playing my position

    Hand 2
    Check through on the flop and fold to donk turn. Now I know I'll throw a little bet on the flop to get a free turn and river

    Hand 4
    I bet 30 and all folded
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