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Out played on the river or good fold???

OMGitsWorm Posts: 272SubscriberProfessional
$5/$5 ($1k cap) Eff $1.1k

Vilain in the hand is a pro. Imo one of the best in this small casino player pool. From my knowledge and conversation he has played professionally in LA and Macau. Has friends that play bigger games and has played bigger on a regular basis $10/$20 in LA in the past. The biggest game in this room is $5/5. Studies Pio Solver also. Would know more about poker than me. We don’t tango to much in big pots.
Over the last 5-6 months playing this bloke he would have an aggressive 3b approach, but against winning regs I think he tones it back a little and plays a balanced 3b range. This is the range I’m giving him 88+, AQo+, A5s, AQs+. Partials of ATs-AJs. 78s- JTs, QJs, KQs, KJs and partials of KTs, QTs. Maybe because it is heads up he has no partials and is 3b his whole range in this particular spot.m and he range may be wider. In the past he will fold to most 4b from me unless he has had a massive hand AA, KK kinda range. In this hand and configuration I decided to flat my hand in position given there where no players left and we are now heads up. I flatted because I didn’t want him to 3b and fold everything worse. His 3b pre also seemed a little large I was expecting $45-55 but I don’t know what to think about the sizing. He has a high CB if he’s the 3 better so I’m not sure why he checked. He never has a donking/leading range once he is check calling. He has check raise the river twice in the last week against others 3x-4x ($350-$500) for value with non nut hands, bottom two pair and bottom boat. I haven’t seen him bluff off his whole stack with a check, shove river. I’m not saying he isn’t capable I just haven’t seen it.
I honestly nearly checked back river in this spot as I had a feeling he was going to do this to me but I thought my hand was to strong to not bet, but I also don’t know if I’m getting called by much worse. and I was expecting a raise to the $300-$400 not the all in. Just a feeling I had and he knew I wasn’t playing too much longer, 1hr tops.

Hero AK rfi utg $15 ($2.5k) and it folds to the V in the big blind and he makes it $65 to go. H flats for the reasons above. If there where players in the feild I would 4b but we are heads up and H is in position and I’m starting to include some strong hands when I flat 3b heads up. These players don’t know I’m flatting some big hands as they think I’m aggressive and fast my hands, which I do most but of the time. And when I flat I just have a weaker hand in my range. But against winning regs I’m making some changes and this is one of them.

Pot $130
Flop T75 :r: 1 spade
V checks, H bets $65, V calls.

At this stage I’m very confused why he checked the flop as he should bet this 90% of the time from what I’ve seen in the past. So I was thinking he is either very weak or very nutted.

Pot $260
Turn A still rainbow
V checks and H bets $100, v calls

Pot $460
River 6

V checks, H bets $165, V all in $870ish
What is Hero to do???

• thoughts on flatting pre
• should I be checking back the turn as top pair changed and I still bet. Does that cap my hand to either and Ace or a set now. Probably not betting and draw I have.
• thought on an over bet to $300-$350 on the turn from Hero
• should I check back the river
• if I checked turn I am certain he over bets the pot on the river. Should I call there

I’m going to run this hand through Pio tomorrow and see what it says. If there is someone here that uses solvers and think this is an interesting hand let me know we can sim and talk about it more

Hope everyone has been playing well :)


  • JLongo12 Posts: 37Subscriber
    I love this hand. I think against this player with all that history, I love love love the flat pre. I think it's a great adjustment you should be making at times. I think given your UTG open and his 3! from the blinds, his raise size makes sense. I would be more surprised if it were smaller. So we flat this beautiful hand and go HU. And.... he checks back this flop. WTF? This is the most interesting decision point of the hand imo. This flop check tells the whole story. I'm reading it like you are: either top set or a total miss. I believe his x/c and then x/c again on the turn makes me believe he's got top set. This really smells like a nutted hand to me. I think I'm folding this river as played, but I prefer a check back on the turn after we bet this flop for reasons you stated above. I think he knows we're never opening A10 from UTG and then calling a 3! from the blinds. I think our flop and turn bets make our hand look like AQ or AK. So for that reason I like a flop bet, check turn. Very curious to hear what others think as I'm still fairly new to this stuff. But damn does this feel like top set to me.
  • OMGitsWorm Posts: 272SubscriberProfessional
    I did say to him 98 is the only combo with out BDFD I guess you check flop with’here. His bluffs would be 99, 88 for blocking the Nut straight. It did feel like a set and I’m not ruling out AA. Because I did bet again when A came on the turn maybe he thought I had a set and I wouldn’t fold set on the river.
    I still haven’t sat down to break down this hand but I will shortly and I’m still waiting myself to see what others think lol
  • Xboblove Posts: 119Member
    edited February 16
    At this level, I always bias players toward ABC. The check OTF is pretty standard OOP check/calling range check so villain not C-betting is going to happen 30%-50% of the time with better villains. Consequently I don't like hero's check, it's heads up, this flop hits the caller and betting disguises out actual holdings. HU, betting this spot is almost mandatory as when we hit our hand on later streets we're playing the range properly. Like most players at this level, checking is cute ABC play. I would have bet 1/3 pot.

    So we hit on the turn and hero bets his hand when this card is better for villians range than ours. Villains check/call is once again pretty standard. Hero is playing his hand and not the range. As played, I prefer an overbet so when villain calls, you know your cooked. If he is drawing for implied odds, you're bet defends your range and stack on a bad price to draw.

    Hero's river bet is a mistake. On this site thin value betting is advised but there are a lot of assumptions that go along with that play and i'm not sure they apply here. Given the assumption that most players play ABC and underbluff, better players can make a move like this, polarized, and force unnecessary losses on upcoming players. Hero can't call here, TPTK is not far enough on the range chart to justify a call on the price. It could be a bluff, and reads like one, but since the read is that villain appears to be a better 5/5 player and not unnecessary splashing around, I let it go. Also given that hero played his hand and not the range, is hero folding an Ace on the river on more reasonable bets? No. The bet looks bluffy but that's the point.

    The line here is bet bet check.
  • Dab44 Posts: 408Subscriber
    edited February 16
    He’s pretty much repping 1010,AA or 89suited. Pretty small range. I’d probably just look him up this time. In the broad spectrum of things you have a really strong hand. He has a “range advantage” and maybe is turning a hand into a bluff because its too weak to call on the river and a raise is better. I just think for a few seconds and snap.... I mean hand is too strong to fold at this point. Maybe he thinks you won’t call with a one pair hand here too..Just call man.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    I like the 3! flat pre mostly because you opened ep and there is no dead money from flats in between. I would rather flat here against a solid pro ip.

    I'm not a fan of betting when V checks otf. We have some eq and even a little sdv so it's not like we need to bet for protection. I think it's better to just check back.

    Turn is an easy bet for value either as played or if we checked back on the flop.

    After we barrel the turn and get called, I think its time to slow down. If we were the pf 3 bettor, I think we can go for 3 streets, but not as the pf caller. A competent pro like this can really put us in tough spots here (as he has) As a general rule, I don't think it's wise to go for more than 2 streets against the pf 3 bettor, even with a hand as strong as ours.

    OTR, there's a chance we are ahead, but I think we have to fold. From V's point of view, this flop is pretty good for our range. We can easily have 2 pair or better, given the pre flop configuration and the fact that we have triple barreled. In fact, TPTK is not too likley for us so I don't put a lot into him trying to bluff us off a strong Ace. Us going for 3 streets here looks stronger. I have a feeling this is a pretty nutted hand. Fold river.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,290Subscriber
    He doesn't have complete air nor a semi bluff. Assuming your range is right we are looking at a set AA, A7s, A5s.

    vs a player like this do you expect to get 3 streets of value? I think you should have planned for 2. You bet the flop, bet the turn, and then bet the river. Your river bet is clear value. Your hand is pretty face up if he doesnt know you flat with AA vs a 3b. Why is your hand face up? Well if you had AA or TT would you bet this little on the river? You would target his stronger range. With your bet you are targeting his weaker range. So I think your hand is face up thus opening you up to a bluff.

    But now construct a XC, XC, XR bluff for his range? I can't figure that out which only leaves value.
  • OMGitsWorm Posts: 272SubscriberProfessional
    I don’t feel he would go all in with a two pair combo. From what I’ve seen lately that would be a raise 3-4x the bet. Two pair isn’t the nuts.

    I’m do agree going for 3 streets in this hand is a mistake against a compentant player. I do agree with Xboblove that I should include an over bet on the turn. Knowing if I’m called I’m smoked. Not sure if that is the correct way to think but that’s how I would be thinking.

    Thanks for the feed back with my flat pre against this player in this configuration.

    Fuzzypup I have also been trying to construct that line XC, XC, XR as a bluff and I can only think of think of 88 or 99. The Vilain has to have me capped at Ax because of my turn bet and river sizing and knowing I’m not playing the an Ax hand for 200bb when he shoves river.

    In this game on the odd occasion someone rips in their 200bb stack as a complete air ball bluff. But this game is make your hand and get value so i decided during play if your bluffing good on you.

    An adjustment I’m thinking of making against this player. Don’t go for 3 streets unless I have a nutted hand and bet small on the river to give him a chance to shove.
    Play my range more as the board texture changes, not just my hand.
    If he doesn’t have a raising range on the turn still bet any nut draw I have on the turn even when the top card changes.

    It think is hands like this you play that you really learn from and make you a better player against the better competition
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