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AK question

What would be the max BB that you would 3,4, or 5 bet to go all in or call an all in with AK. If you were 50 or 100BB would you always go with it? I'm more interested in a cash game theory. Plus, sometimes I raise and villain will just go all in for 50-75 BB, should I always call here?

I appreciate any info on this topic.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,290Subscriber
    Really depends on the opponent and how they play. There is no set amount but there is a difference between someone having 50bbs and 300bbs.

    But even so sometimes you have someone who is such a nit that even if they have 50bbs it's a fold because they are never doing it without AA.

    But generally some short stack is more likely to be wide when there are more people in the pot because they are incentivized to shove to knock others out and increase their fair share of the dead money pot.

    For example. Shorty with 50bbs raises, call, call, you 3b AK, call, shorty shoves..... fold, fold, to you. More likely he is wide.
    by 1Kmurphy
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