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Line check please. Is this a solid play or am I a spewtard?

Game is very juicy. One pro at table. The rest are a combo of short stacked recs and stations with bottomless pockets.

2/5 I cover all V's in the hand.

I open J J to 20 UTG, 4 callers ( all passive recs stacks are 190, 500, 500, 800),

Then main V 3! 150 in bb 50ish Persian. He started with 425, he's been at the table for 30-45 min. He's on his 3rd buy-in (500 cap) He's been VPing like 80%. Raising prob 50%.

Hero tanks for 1 min then shoves 800 eff with largest stack.



  • Oback2 Posts: 206Subscriber
    edited February 15
    Shoving or folding is your only play. I just go with JJ +AK in this spot and fold everything else against most villians, if he’s as aggressive and VPIPing as wide as you say we will have to widen our range here
  • CycleV Posts: 1,104Subscriber
    legit if he\s really 3! wide. remember there is a difference between rfi and 3! even amongst maniacs. But going with this almost every day in described situation
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 359Subscriber
    As described, I'm shoving. If he happens to win, can't be the worst thing as he'll have a big stack and is likely to make bigger mistakes down the line with the described aggression.
  • Dab44 Posts: 411Subscriber
    It’s 100bbs, there is dead money and he’s a maniac it’s sounds. Don’t think your folding Jacks here. Ship it and hope for the best haha
  • Maximilian65 Posts: 36Subscriber
    I think it's fine, you're getting almost 1:1 with implied odds, he's a punt monkey it sounds like, you're well ahead of all AX hands and only losing to QQ+, if he has you beat he has you beat.
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