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Open Sizing

MrO Posts: 154Subscriber
I notice @bart opening to 20 in his 5/5 games. When I play 2/5 I like to open 3x to 15 and 1BB per limp. Same in 5/10. However, when people start opening to 20 in the game should I change my opening sizing to 20 as well?

Then in 1/2 most open to 12 or 15. I like opening to 15 in deeper 1/2 games and turn it into a 2/5 when I'm in pots with the bad players.


  • Xboblove Posts: 119Member
    When in Rome, do as the Roman's do basically. You should still add +1 for every player on the adjusted opening bet generally. The reasons for larger openers vary but usually you do this in loose passive games when tracks are deep. When they are shallow, villains are likely to just rejam into multiway pots.
  • MrO Posts: 154Subscriber
    edited February 15
    And now is @robfarha latest video (Fundamental Errors) at around 17 mins he talks about this. Where he sticks with 3x.
  • ds2uared Posts: 199Subscriber
    I tend to prefer a larger opening size. All things being equal, 4-5X utg-HJ, 3X CO and button, 4X from SB. This is because my player pool makes a lot of small to large preflop mistakes I want to exaggerate.

    With multiple limpers, I have noticed I can make it a bit larger with my isolating range. After multiple limpers, my isolating range tightens up (utg to mp1 range depending), but my sizing sometimes goes up. But villains don't make adjustments. Often they will comment out loud about how big the raise is...and then call anyways.

    I make some range and sizing adjustments based on stack sizes, but mostly I think of it as locking them into a mistake preflop.

    AQo from the SB can be difficult to navigate on the flop versus 3-4 limpers who are going to flat my raise anyway, so bombs away preflop to solidify their errors. A lower SPR can often mean easier decisions for Hero with hands that dominate.

    Against tougher tables, I will size down a bit more as these players will not make as many preflop mistakes.

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