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PLO8 - Nut flush on a paired board

Played the $2/$3 w/$5 bring-in PLO Mix game at Hollywood Park. This hand was during the PLO8 round.

Two players limp in and the villain to my direct right raised to $20. I have $480 and villain has me covered. I am on the button with A 4 Q T and call the $20. Villain is a middle aged reg who is there to have fun and gamble it up. He currently has $900 or so in front of him, has played most of his hands over the last couple of orbits, raising several of them preflop. While my hand isn't a premium PLO8 hand, I feel I can play it as "fit-or-fold" on the flop, and I am in position. The big blind and a couple of limpers call.

5 players go to the flop with a pot of $100. Flop is 9 8 2 . Checks to the villain who bets $20. I raised to $100. Folds to the villain who says "uh-oh" and calls. I used this sizing as I figured I would get more than one call on the flop, leaving me with not quite one pot sized bet on the turn. With only the villain calling, I actually ended up with slightly more than a pot sized bet left, so maybe I should have sized higher.

Heads-up to the turn with a pot of $300. Turn is the 8 . Villain insta-pots. I gave it some thought, but decided to release. I just couldn't see the villain betting full pot with less than a full house. I didn't think he had a set since I believe he would have re-raised on the flop. Thus, I think he had 98 or 82 as a holding. That is clearly a very narrow range, but I didn't see him betting the non-nut flush into a paired board on the turn. Thus, I believe that if I call, a lot of times I am drawing to a low for half the pot.

Any thoughts on the hand as played? Should I have re-raised pre-flop to isolate the LAG? Was the raise correct on the flop and if so, could I have sized differently? Was the fold too nitty on the turn? If I had the nut flush and an un-counterfitable nut low draw on the turn (A4Q3 instead of A4QT), would that be a call?

As always, thanks for the feedback in advance. It is much appreciated.


  • Beatsme Posts: 587Subscriber
    Yeah preflop imo is questionable at best... i just fold here. I dont think this hand plays all that well... esp multiway.

    Otf 5 way i dont like the raise. I dont think it hardly ever gets through. As i imagine your game is playing loose preflop. Someone is going to connect with this flop somehow. Even though yes those middling cards "shouldnt" hit people. They do becasue alot of players will play any 4.

    I would prefer to just call and let in everyone else to play a pot in position with lots of people so if we do hit our we will be in a better position to win a larger pot. Being in position really benfits us here. We get to see how many players see a turn and can plan accordingly.
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