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Something doesn't seem right... ($1/3)

LessIsMore Posts: 19Subscriber
edited February 28 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Someone help me out here. So, I haven't played a hand in an hour. Pretty card dead, so this might play a factor into these preflop decisions. I'd like some feedback on preflop as well. It seems every time I unnecessarily spew off chips, I'd been running card dead for a while. Getting a line check is probably a good decision...

Effective stacks between hero and v1: $290

v1 - super bluffy, doesn't like folding, has a very tall beer glass next to him (glass is empty), never lets a pot go uncontested (at least I haven't seen him do it)

UTG limps, +1 limps, Hero limps in LJ with Q 9, v1 on BU limps, (very) spewey SB squeezes to $20.

UTG, Hero, BU call (4 ways)

Flop ($86): 973r

PFR checks, checks to hero, hero bets $35

v1 on BU is very light, and I highly doubt anyone is squeezing behind me here. v1 calls, others fold. (Feedback on sizing?)

Turn ($150): os 8

Hero checks, v1 bets $80. I think I have no other choice but to call here given v1 tendencies.

Flop ($310): K

Hero checks, v1 jams for remaining $160. I think given the price and v1 tendencies, it's a clear call. He could definitely have a bunch of gutshots that got there, but just seems like an odd line to me. I only need to be good 1 in 4, so the decision was easy.

Villain rolled over K 8 ... I need to get over the fact that most of my bluff catching attempts are going to be wrong in the long run, and come to peace with it, but I felt like a dumbass. I hate feeling like a dumbass.


  • Wtwebster Posts: 38Subscriber
    edited March 1
    I think you started out on the wrong foot. Playing Q9suited behind 2 limpers with blinds left to act is probably either raise or fold. It’s a good hand but not good enough to invite a lot of others in. If you raise you get a couple of folds and your equity is increased.

    Then when you flop top pair your bet is ok. On the turn, though, the board gets more connected but you still have top pair. I’d keep betting. If you meet opposition it might be time to give up. Checking looks weak and gives the villain a chance to take the betting lead and control the pot.

    Calling the river is questionable. I understand your reasoning and math but what are you actually beating here? V is clearly not afraid of your top pair. The only thing you’re beating is a bluff and except for the straight he really doesn’t have many bluffs.

    To me it looks like you fell into the same trap we have all fallen into. Being card dead, bored, and finally in a good pot we keep going in a hand we would either have played more aggressively or folded if we had been catching cards and running good.

    That’s my take anyway.
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    edited March 1
    Rec players don't bluff enough. Its that simple. This guy is obviously a rec player with his beer and everything. If I thought the guy was a good player and capable of jaming as a bluff I might call, but rec players just aren't turning A7 into a bluff or anything, theyre just checking back.
    I also agree that pre flop flatting with Q9 suited is probably the worst choice, raise or fold. If you do just call and hit top pair 4 ways, you maybe even check it back and see what happens. Some players at this level limp/call 1010 even, so its hard to know where you are at with Q9 in this pot.
  • PotLuckNeeded Posts: 57Subscriber
    1. Preflop is a raise or fold for me
    2. I like the turn check to induce.semi-bluffs
    3. I don't think there's enough bluffs to pick off
    4. I'd recommend looking at this as a learning experience rather than feeling like a dumb ass. Recognizing you are modifying how you play when card dead will save you $$$$ in the long run.
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