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$1100 BI,22bb, BTN vs BB facing weird min lead OTF

chris_9090chris_9090 Posts: 101Subscriber
BB is a rec player , has a bit wider VPIP pre flop than average, has mixed some weird 4x-5x pre flop or 3b sizes,
postflop hasn't shown any aggression . He once lead to me 1/3 pot at J74 board and check give on a blank 3

7handed , Antes are a total of 1,4k , Blinds are 1,5k/3k , 23 / 75 left , Top 7 paid
[Pre-Flop] [1,4k] Fold to Hero (BTN) (66k) who opens to 6.5k with A 4, SB folds, BB(100k) calls .

[Flop] [14,4k] 6 3 2 , BB min-leads 3k , Hero (around 60k) ??
a) Raise/Fold (sizing?)
b) Raise/Call (sizing?)
c) Call
d) Shove

What about if we have A 4 ?


  • JredA Posts: 59Subscriber
    Against this sizing I don't think it can ever be an error to call here and see what develops on the turn. We have decent equity against any pair. He may have caught a small piece on the flop and is just leading to "see where he is at". This seems to be a common thing from rec players, especially in tournaments.

    If he is not a station my plan would be to take a stab on all turns that he checks that contain some over card. If he check/calls I would plan on firing most rivers if called that are favorable for our range.

    I think I would proceed the same way holding the Ad.

    Your description makes this player sound like someone we can exploit on later streets and I hate to put all of my stack at risk on this flop.
  • Xboblove Posts: 120Member
    Villains bet size is a little small but not unreasonably so. This is a reasonable call spot. Not sure anything changes with the Ad until the river when we can card read villain in certain runouts.
  • justfourfun Posts: 185Subscriber
    When you only raise to 2.2 BB shouldn’t BB be calling with a wide range? Almost any two cards? I think 2.2 is a mistake, I see it all the time by good tourney pros. Seems to me more of following a pro player trend but lacking a solid strategy basis - especially in this particular situation. I think you should be betting 3-4 BB pre here. Your hand is likely better than the blinds, make them pay to see a flop. Define their hands while having a positional advantage. You have a good hand - bet it.

    I would treat the 3k bet like a check b/c it’s so small and call, or basically check back. The weird betting you describe from a rec player is concerning here so I would not raise. The 3k bet is likely not some pot control bet sizing and could be a cutesy move with a hand BB perceives strong.

    Ad should not matter unless you think BB is a really bad player who would lay down a smaller flush??
  • justfourfun Posts: 185Subscriber
    Maybe the thought was to turn a backdoor nut flush draw with Ad. Seems to small of a factor to impact flop action.
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 235Subscriber
    I agree with above, still a LONG way to go to get anywhere near the $$$..need to 3-4 X the pot.Be happy you picked up an Ace on the BTN to pick the pot up and move onto the next hand
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