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$2/5 2P tricky river

OmegaPT1 Posts: 41Subscriber
edited March 5 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero- S: $700 Sitting at the table for about 1 hour playing pretty snug have not been involved much
V1- S: $900 30 year old unkown
V2- S:1300 55 year old sticky Asian REG

EP player r- $15, Hero MP-c with A 9 V1- calls followed by V2 -calling and a LP player calling. Flop ($75) 8 9 6 . The EP raiser-x , I decide to x, V1 bets $40, V2 quickly calls, LP-f , EP-f and I decide to call. Turn ($235) A and I decide to bet $140, V1 thinks for a while a calls, V2 once again quickly calls. River($695) 8 What's the best line to take?




  • ClockClock Posts: 1,112Subscriber
    Pre is a 3bet to iso weak open (assuming he not Uber short), but ok..
    Flop def. bet when checked to - you have best hand too often - can easily get value from ton of hands on this board, plus very vulnerable to many OC ..in 4 way pot - MUST BET.
    Turn as played now, I probably x/eval depending action
    As played river - I think you have to bet, because the overcaller very likely on draw given action and can easily have A x
    If we x - it will get checked through way too often.
    We not losing to much ( sets, straights all raise turn near 100%)
    Just 89s (2 combos) and maybe 86s (2 combos)
    I bet 300 to get called by Ax
    by 1FloydB
  • ds2uared Posts: 379Subscriber
    I'm fine with a fold pre depending on the game. EP raise and you still have a lot of players left to act behind. If they call a lot and/or especially if they raise a lot I would dump this.

    AP, bet flop. Charge draws and thin the field. Top pair is likely going to change by the river.

    I like leading this turn. Maybe size closer to $200 versus 2 players whose value ranges you now beat more of and will call a larger bet.

    I hate the 8 on this river. I honestly don't know what to do in this spot. They have a whole bunch of 8's with draws (85, 86, 87, 89, 8T) . I might do something weird like bet $150 and then fold to a raise, depending on the villain. You'd have $350 left and would make a bluff raise super unlikely, even for some crazier players who watched you bet into 2 other players twice when an Ace showed up.

    It will also get value from some Ace-high flush draws that paired, AT sometimes, A7 sometimes.
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