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Myself along with most of my poker buddies are almost exclusively PLO now. Definitely would love to see more content in that area. Terp is awesome but only 1 podcast and 1 video per month and then 1/3 of discussion on last podcast was not even PLO related. Been a long time subscriber and love the site. Hungry for more PLO start.


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 295Subscriber
    While I personally believe that ALL poker content should be PLO-related haha, I think @Bart properly balances supply with demand for the website when it comes to content creation.

    I did address that I deviated from 100% PLO strat in the last podcast in the podcast forum, but I'll respond here too: most of my content is about 60 minutes or more, so if I still do 2/3 of a podcast on PLO, that's still around 40 min of content. Then there is the content that is 100% PLO-related that is an hour or more. Some people like "poker chat" type of content, others are here to study hard and it's not of interest to them. I did sports radio for a number of years, so I know very well that there is no way to please every person in the audience.

    I will say that the upcoming content I have planned is pretty strategy-heavy, and I'm excited to put it out. And I'm always very happy to hear critiques and receive suggestions for podcasts and videos. Thanks for listening/viewing, and for the feedback.
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