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$1-$3, facing overbet shove w/ 2nd pair

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
$1-$3, $300. Bellagio. Newer table that has been going for about an hour.
Opponent: young Aussie OTB who has played a lot of hands
Stack: $250
Preflop: 2 fish open limp in mp. I raise to $17 with J J . OTB calls & 1 limper calls. We are 3 handed.
Pot: $55
Flop: Q 9 3. Limper checks. I cbet $25. OTB now shoves for $195 more. Limper folds & it's back on me. What do you do & why?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 391Subscriber
    For these stakes I would raise a little more than mid-stakes. Typically the standard raise in these stakes is about $15 without limpers. I would probably make it $20-$25 and still expect to get action.

    On the flop, I would strongly consider checking this hand and evaluating.

    As played, the good news is you don't have J which unblocks his flush draws. The bad news is you have 2 Jacks, which blocks his JT draws. Also bad news is he might have AQ/KQ or Q9. I dunno, if he plays a lot of hands, and you think he going with his gamble, call, otherwise, I think you can just fold and try to find a better spot.
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
    I tanked & eventually called. He had A J & I held. Not having the J was a factor in my decision.
  • PokerIlluminati Posts: 45Subscriber
    Like Garland, I also like a larger preflop bet. As played, I fold to the all in jam. Happy to hear it worked for you.
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