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1/3 NL tough spot with trip Jacks on the river...

fih Posts: 29Subscriber
edited March 9 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Local 1/3 game, 100-300 with up the 75% rebuy of big stack.

Hero is about 800$ eff.
There are some action type players at the game and there has been a good amount of straddling.

Hand starts with Button straddle to 6$, V1 is SB and limps in and covers the table. UTG limps in. I wake up with A J in MP1. I raise to 25$... V2 in HJ (800$)calls the 25$, V1 and UTG also call.

V1 is 30's WG, in the sessions I have played with him, he seems to be a good thinking player but pretty loose and agressive. In many pots and drives a lot of action. This guy used to play online back in the day according to his stories.

V2 is 40s WG, seems ok but plays many pots and have seen this guy bluff before, seems to be an action player and is playing lots of pots and calling lots of raises preflop. Overall playing too many hands..

Flop is 100$ and comes J 9 8

V1 leads for 50$
UTG folds
Hero calls
V2 calls

I plan to evaluate turn, I felt raising flop might be sort of an overplay and turn my hand face up, V1 is capable of barreling draws so in the moment I thought it was best to keep ranges wide and see the turn. Any insights here? I feel like I could go either way here...

Turn (250$) comes J
V1 checks.
At this point I feel like I almost certainly have the best hand, I value bet 125$
V2 and V1 both call.

River (625$) comes 4
V1 checks again. I feel I'm still good here so I bet on the smaller side 200$
V2 jams all in for his remaining 600$
back on V1 who tanks and comments "this is so bad" and pushes out just a call.

Back on Hero, calling another 400$ to with about 2000$ so getting 5:1 on a call here I keep thinking to myself "how can I be good here?"

Do we sigh call or hero fold this spot?


  • Bandgeek Posts: 140Subscriber
    On the flop, V1 donk leads half the pot into us on a draw heavy board. We have TPTK. I feel like we have to raise here. If we get reraised by V2 or V1 we can fold, but it looks like V1 was trying to set his own price to draw and we let him do it. When we flat V2 is priced in to chase just about everything and our hand is very vulnerable to alot of turn cards.

    On the turn. Nothing has really changed IMO unless one of them has 89. I'm thinking 2/3 pot or more. There are alot of hands out there that have equity against us, I want to force them into a tough decision now and not leave him with alot of money behind to get paid off if he gets there.

    On the river, if we're heads up with V2 I could talk myself into making a crying call here, but against 2 villains I don't think we're good @ 5:1.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,838Subscriber
    fold river to action as played easy.

    everything else is fine. I would go for value on river but with the itnentions of bet folding.
  • fih Posts: 29Subscriber
    I did fold and sadly HJ instantly mucked an airball and SB shows j10o and won the pot.
  • PotLuckNeeded Posts: 57Subscriber
    We don't hold the J of spades, I think there's enough spade combos of J that we have to call getting those pot odds. We see Vs overplay hands time and time again at 1/3, I just don't know if I can find the fold here. It's thin with 2 opponents.
  • PokerIlluminati Posts: 45Subscriber
    As played, I would also fold with OP. V1 or V2 could be sitting on a flopped straight. I would look for a better spot.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,838Subscriber
    wtf did the one guy have jesus.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,568Subscriber
    HJs play looks way too odd for me to fold a blank river. if he flopped a set or better, would he have really just called flop? sb donks flop with a lot of jacks i think. esp when he checks turn not playing a straight. maybe a boat on turn but river play feels like just a jack. this lay down is just too big.
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