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$2/5 Bad Bluff?

callmebkcallmebk Posts: 20Subscriber
edited March 13 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
New game that just started up, only about 1 orbit had been played and I haven't played with anyone at the table in the past. Effective stacks are $500 as it's a $500 cap game.

Preflop: I raise HJ with K Q , CO Calls, Button calls. CO is a younger middle eastern guy with glasses. Looks like a young thinking player. Button is an older guy, about late 50s/early 60s. He has already played most of his hands to this point, I don't recall that he folded once preflop in the entire first orbit.

($65) Flop: T 8 3 XXX. I think I may have made a mistake by not cbetting this board. I felt like this one was close in the Cbet Matrix as it only has 2 opponents, but is very draw heavy. I didn't think either Villain would check a T, 2 pair, or a set on this board.

($65) Turn: 9 I think for about 15 - 20 seconds about blocking QJ and this would be a decent spot for a delayed Cbet, and possible river barrel since I block the nutters. I decide to lead for $40, CO thinks for a few seconds before deciding to call, Button quickly calls. I think the ranges of both look like a diamond draw (though those get bet on flop with some frequency, especially by my stereotype of Villain in the CO), Ax9x, 98 (though I think either Villain raises with some frequency holding 2 pair considering we are still 3 handed, especially by Villain OTB once CO flats the turn), 97, AJ, KJ (which I block), QJ (which I block), 99 (unlikely for same reasons as 2 pair), J7 (though I think only Villain OTB has this as a possible range preflop), 76 for the bottom straight, or other combo draws like J8, J9, 87, etc.

($185) River: 2 I take my time again to think about the Villains' ranges I had on the turn and to look at my opponents. CO is stone faced, Villain OTB picked up his cards as if to fold them (which I think was genuine), and starts talking to the waitress about an order. If CO has a 1 pair hand and I can get through him, I felt Button would quickly fold. So I decide to lead for $140. CO thinks for about 10 seconds before moving all-in for $440, Button snap folds just like I thought he would anyway, I obviously fold.

Should I have given up on the turn considering I didn't Cbet flop? Is this a bad bluff on river with my Q blocker to the QJ since next to act called my delayed Cbet on turn? All around too spewy on 4th and 5th St?





  • KiLeeKiLee Posts: 262Pro
    edited March 20
    I think I check this flop. HU I might cbet but vs 2 players without much equity and OOP I prefer just check folding the flop. I think the turn is fairly close between checking and betting. I lean towards checking 3 ways a little more and betting HU, but once you decide to bet the turn, I like firing the river HU, but when both players call I’m more likely to give up. With your live tell on the BtN, it depends on how strong you think the live tell is.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    Choose the KQ combo with a diamond in it if you are going to start a cbet on the flop. I would check here. Turn is sort of iffy as well as its rarely going to get through both players. Once you get to the river this way and both have called you I would just give up. Your hand doesn't make a lot of sense unless you were sandbagging a flopped set or turned 99. Bart
  • callmebkcallmebk Posts: 20Subscriber
    Thanks @bart and @kilee
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