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1/2NL Cold 3 bet turn

MrO Posts: 158Subscriber
edited March 20 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 NL 175 effective
Hero BB J9o
3 limps
CO raises to 12
BTN, SB, BB MP1,MP2 call
Flop (72) J97 :r:
Checks through (didn't know if I wanted to x/r here as it would limit the field, as I'm so close to the CO)
Turn (72) 9 brings in backdoor flush
MP1 bets 20
MP2 raises to 50
What’s my play/sizing?
MP1 ~125 left
MP2 ~150 left


  • Hasst Posts: 10SubscriberProfessional
    If you're not check raising flop then you should definitely be check raising the turn all in.
  • symposiast Posts: 14Subscriber
    No matter what you do here, you're going to look super strong. And since it's unlikely either MP1 or MP2 is limp calling with JJ, I think it's safe to say you have the best hand here all day.

    I think going with the smooth call will let more money get into the pot since MP1 will be getting a good price.

    You'll have a good stack to jam on the river.
  • PokerShaman Posts: 49Subscriber
    Why not just lead out on the flop?

    As played, we want more money to go in on the turn. It's not going to go in by itself; we have to help it.

    For these pot and stack sizes, even clicking it back to 80 means that the rest of the money is going in on the river, unless villains are drawing and brick out. We don't mind them drawing but we would like more of their money to go in now if they are.

    The action indicates that at least one of them is really interested in this pot. I think we can get called by shoving now.

    Raise to 200 and hope someone calls.
  • MrO Posts: 158Subscriber
    Yeah I was thinking of flatting too to get MP1 to call then jam river, not check raise as it might be checked through.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    I wouldnt say this is a bad call pre, but it is on the cusp of what I would call with.

    OTF, I'd check with the intention to c/r

    OTT, I'd be tempted to min raise 80. I know it looks strong, but I doubt you will get many folds as the price is too good. This will set up for a nice river shove.
  • GlennJones Posts: 140Subscriber
    edited March 21
    I agree with @kaboojie on preflop. I don't think this is a profitable preflop call, but I'm a nit

    I'm not sure I agree with c/r flop. There are 5 in the hand, and they have all the sets (99, 77) and straights (T8) in their ranges. C/R flop will get called by all hands that domintate us given the board texture.

    On he turn, the pot is $130 ($60 preflop plus $70). If we call the $50 and MP1 calls the small raise, the pot will be $210 with $150 behind. I'd call turn and shove river.

    What range do you put MP2 on that he is essentially minraising the turn that he folds river to a shove (assuming he doesn't shove first)?
  • rappcity15 Posts: 39Subscriber
    I don't like the call pre but as played I like 3betting turn, mainly because your out of position. If you cold/call the reraise on turn and then lead river that looks unreal strong. Mp2 isn't folding with trips, straight, or p+fd if you jam turn.
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