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Medium Hand Multiway Versus Spewfish

ds2uared Posts: 204Subscriber
edited March 20 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain 1 has been drunk and ultra-aggro and spewy. Plays a lot of hands. I've been cold opening 8-10X and getting calls from him. Villain 2 has been trying to play every hand versus villain 1.

Button straddle. 3 limps. Hero ($1,200) raises to $80 with J J in the CO. Villain 1 (covers) calls from the SB. Villain 2 ($1,400) calls from mp1. Mp2 and HJ call.

Pot $400. Flop K 7 7. Checks around.

Turn 8. Villain 1 bets $80. Mp1 calls. Mp2 calls. HJ folds. Hero folds?

Pot $640. River 4. V1 bets $175. Mp1 calls. HJ folds.

Is this a bad fold on the turn? The extra players make it difficult for me to decide as they might be targeting his spewiness, too.


  • Garland Posts: 134Subscriber
    edited March 21
    I think you have a typo, HJ folded on the turn so he couldn't do anything on river, it was MP2 I presume.

    For the price laid with position, I don't think you can fold the turn. There are plenty of 8x, draw, straight draws, worse pocket pairs out there that will peel. You will also kill yourself if that magical J hits the river and someone slowplayed a 7, 88 or 78 :). It may also check around on the river and you can find yourself with a winner.

    If you call on the turn, you can safety release on the river if MP1 or MP2 calls as it's highly unlikely they are calling light with you left to act. It's a close call if both MP1 and MP2 folds simply because you describe him as spewy.
  • CycleV Posts: 908Subscriber
    No way I'm folding for one bet, and a 1/5 psb at that. I'm calling turn and most rivers as well.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    I wouldnt be thrilled about calling ott after the 2 mp players flat, but the price is very good and the 8 specifically adds a lot of draws. I would peel the turn.
  • rappcity15 Posts: 39Subscriber
    having JhJD isn't a great hand to have because your blocking combo draws he can bet the turn with like JhTH, Jh9h, I know the player type you described but I don't think he fires the river here with A8 when he gets called in 2 spots. I like call turn and fold river with this JJ here
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