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1/2 NL Odd line

MrO Posts: 158Subscriber
1/2 NL 550 effective Hero covers
Hero MP A♦️Q♥️
1 limp
Hero 15
Button (has a weird flinch) calls
Rest fold
Flop (30) A♣️ J♦️ 3♣️
Hero bets 15, call
Turn (60) 3♠️
Hero bets 40
BTN raises to 140
I call
River (340) 10♥️
BTN goes all in for 370.
Doesn't make sense, does it?
Call? But not much real bluffing in 1/2


  • GlennJones Posts: 140Subscriber
    Not much you beat here except an overplayed AK (I'm assuming that this is typical passive 1/2 and Villain calls with AK instead of 3-bets with it).
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    His value range looks narrow, but I don’t see a lot of natural bluffs here either. Against an unknown, I’d call the turn, then fold the river.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,561Subscriber
    doesn't look like a hand where villain is trying to get you to fold an ace. make an exploiitable fold
  • philc Posts: 19SubscriberProfessional
    I guess it's villain dependent but I'd be really surprised if he has anything worse than trips here (maybe AK but I'd be surprised).. I'd just fold turn. The best exploit you can make at super low stakes is just bet 2-3 streets with literally any value (maybe KJ+ on this flop) and then over-fold to any raise that isn't a min-raise. Sometimes even fold to min-raises.

    The only hand you beat here that he might be stupid enough to do this with is TJ which was raising to 'see where he was at' on turn (very common, but I think his sizing suggests either JJ or a 3; I'd expect 100 at most with a 'find our where youre at' bet), then thinks he improved on river even though effectively he didn't. I guess he could have raised a FD on turn and bluffed with it on river but I just can't visualize a 1-2 player doing that...

    I think he has JJ, AJ, 3x as the majority of his range, with a little AK/AT here and there and maayyybe a missed FD.
  • the_dude_abides Posts: 327Subscriber
    Turn is villain dependent, river is a definite fold.

    You are PFR, in Vs eyes, you’ve got a good amount of aces, and most people know it’s suicide to try to bluff someone off top pair in 1/2.
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