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$2/$5 Triple Barrel with Air

ds2uared Posts: 212Subscriber
$600 eff. Villain lost an all-in pot with on a bad beat when his flopped 2-pair was counterfeited. He was obviously a bit upset by it. He lost about $500. He bought back in for $600.

Hero in mp2 raises to $20 with 8 7 . Villain calls otb.

Pot $40. Flop K 2 2. Hero bets $20. Villain calls.

Pot $80. Turn A. Hero bets $50. Villain calls. (Some physical tells led me to believe he did not have an Ace).

Pot $180. River 7 . Hero bets $120.

I almost never completely air-ball bluff. Is the sizing good? Are there situations or player types where it is +EV to bluff a player who might be a little on tilt?


  • the_dude_abides Posts: 327Subscriber
    I just don't think I am going for this vs a person who might be tilting.

    THinking about a normal situation, where the V is not tilting, how do you think you would structure your bluffs here? Are you triple barrelling with all holdings? That would probably lead to you bluffing too often. So in the case where you aren't barrelling everything, why choose 87?
    by 1CycleV
  • Chester Drafman Posts: 35Subscriber
    If you decide to bluff the river, which is really iffy, I think you have to at least pot it. At 2/5 120 is going to get called down way too often.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 146Subscriber
    This whole spot just seems bad. Can't turn any equity, v is tilting, Ax floats this flop a lot, Kx will cry call for a chop.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 910Subscriber
    There's nothing wrong w c/f sometimes. If you think about it, since you should check much of your Ax hands otf, with the intention of c/c, you're repping basically exactly AK, A2s, and AA. Nothing else takes this line.

    If the flop goes c/c then you wil obv fire one the ace turn.

    And as said above, don't try and bluff people on tilt.
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