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Disgusting 2-5 Turn Spot Deep

Piggy Posts: 118Subscriber
edited March 23 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villain is a tournament pro who stacked me pre AA vs QQ earlier (he opened, I 3b, he 4b small, I ship, he snaps with Aces)

$1.1 effective. He opens in MP to 20. I 3b with K K to 80 in HJ. A TAG Asian calls on BTN, fish station cold calls from SB, V calls.

Flop $320 9 2 2 two tone. Checks to me, I cbet 180. Folds to V who calls.

Turn $680 8 V now donk ships $700. WTF do we do?

He shouldn’t have AA since we saw him 4b that. He shouldn’t have 2x either, and unlikely he peels 88. If he really has 99, all he has to do is check-jam turn to get my stack? Is he overplaying QQ-TT thinking I have to fold AK?

Hero goes into the tank and... ?


  • the_dude_abides Posts: 327Subscriber
    Just have to sigh call here. These tourney donks overplay a lot of hands, but you will see 99/88 sometimes. He was last to act after your bet on flop, so 88 does seem reasonable to me, but you still only need to be good 1/3 times.

    If he is actually good and you are going to play a more balanced style vs him, you really have to call because KK is one of the best hands you have here.

    Absent some super strong read, you just have to call.

  • fishcake Posts: 935Subscriber
    I don’t see what’s so disgusting about it. I’m snap calling, fist pumping and high fiving my neighbor.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,820AdministratorLeadPro
    YEah this is just a call all day long. Its a pot sized bet yes, but is he really playing 99, or a turned 88 in this manner? If he has A2s here you have to give him his $$. Tourney players do stupid shit. It wouldnt surprise me if they are doing some stop and go blullshit with JT or QJcc or TT-QQ. BArt
  • Piggy Posts: 118Subscriber
    edited March 24
    I go into the tank because I’m shot taking at 2-5 and it’s a lot of money even though I’m rolled for it. I eventually call the clock on myself but end up making the call. Villain had 9 8 and river bricks.
  • the_dude_abides Posts: 327Subscriber
    Just remember that these tourney guys mostly suck, including the self professed “pros”. Most of them are just fish who don’t understand that their recent mild success is just positive variance. This hand is a good example...WTF is he thinking shoving 98??
  • PotLuckNeeded Posts: 54Subscriber
    fishcake said:
    I don’t see what’s so disgusting about it. I’m snap calling, fist pumping and high fiving my neighbor.
    Made me chuckle, I was thinking basically the same thing. We just have to call.

  • rappcity15 Posts: 39Subscriber
    Ive seen V's in this spot lead turn with pp just so they don't give AK a free card lol Best spot ever for KK here
  • LessIsMore Posts: 16Subscriber
    I agree, definitely a call. You can make the exploitable fold vs. some OMCs and mega-nits but in general just a call here, especially since you beat 98
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