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$1-$3: flopped flush as preflop raiser, get CR'd on top paired turn

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
$1-$3, $300 cap
Opponent: winning regular, plays more tournaments than cash.
Hero has a very good image as I've built my stack up to over $800 in less than 30 minutes at the table, including doubling through this opponent in one of my first hands when I flatted his 3! w/ my AA & got it all post vs his TT. Also won another decent pot where I showed down AA for top set. He probably views me as a winning regular.
Effective stack: $375
Preflop: he open limps in the HJ. I make it $15 in the CO with Q J. We are heads up.
Pot: $30
Flop: T72 all diamonds. He check calls my $25 C-bet.
Pot: $80
Turn: T. I bet $40 and tank call his CR to $110. Wasn't sure what to do here. Thought the only thing he can have is a flush, a T or 22 full. My range probably looks like an overpair or a big A/K w/ a diamond.
What's your play & why?
Stack: $225
River: 4. He thinks for a minute & bets $200. What's your play & why?


  • GlennJones Posts: 158Subscriber
    Ugh. I find that most 1/3 players are not capable of CR turn without nutted hands. You say he's a tournament player. Would he do this small turn CR to "see where I am"?

    Without any history, I probably fold. I just don't see players where I play taking this line as a bluff.
  • Chase Posts: 121Subscriber
    edited March 31
    Taking MDF into account for a second, V is making a raise and getting laid 120-110 immediate odds on his raise, so H has to defend with at least about 55% of range against this c/r to make sure H cannot be exploited by over-folding. QdJd would definitely be a defend.

    Now back to reality, where players are far from GTO strategy...

    This guy may have some bluffs with AdX, and maybe a few others, but I'm more concerned with him thinking he has the best hand with TX (we block his QTo and JTo combos but V opening limping the HJ he probably still has plenty of TX in his range). Also he could have smaller flushes!

    He might have T7s, but other than that we lose to 6 combos of flopped middle and bottom set, and about 5 combos of AdXd and maybe 5ish combos of KdXd, but he probably isn't taking this line with a-high or K-high flush at 100% frequency, so his range of stuff we lose to looks like about 7-10 combos--a pretty narrow range.

    I'm going to commit here and jam the turn. Jamming does a pretty good job of making the pot bigger in case we win (he can call with TX, smaller flushes, and maybe some AdX), and denies V an opportunity to realize his equity when he has AdX, KdX, or TX.

    I agree with @GlennJones that when the typical lower stakes player c/r the turn they are generally not bluffing, but I would commit here for the reasons above (mostly because V can think he has the best hand with hands that we beat, and V also has some bluffing frequency).
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