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$2/$5 Super Deep

ds2uared Posts: 379Subscriber
$3,700 eff. Hero is perceived as winning, competent. Villain is super loose preflop, won a couple absurd pots with garbage. It's 3am and he's leaving soon. He runs big bluffs and calls down light.

Villain limps $5. 3 callers. Hero in HJ raises to $55 J J. BB calls. Villain raises to $115. Fold. Fold. Fold. Hero 4-bets to $380. BB folds. Villain calls.

Pot $825. Flop Q 8 3. Villain leads $175. Hero calls.

Pot $1,175. Turn 7. Villain bets $200. Hero calls.

Pot $1,575. River T. Villain bets $450. Hero calls.



  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 173Subscriber
    edited April 10
    Seems like standard 3am poker. Why 4bet if they run wild bluffs?
  • ds2uared Posts: 379Subscriber
    There was almost no 4betting, but he didn't seem like to type to just fold his hand when faced with one. That's why I make it 3.5X in position. Especially when I'm in position versus someone sticky, I'd rather make the pot huge preflop when I crush his range. He was not a "limp-raising means Aces" kind of player.

    The problem is how do you deal with sticky villains donking small in way ahead-way behind situations?
  • Mahikalra Posts: 3Subscriber
    So what did the villain come up with?
  • mrage Posts: 27Subscriber
    Sucky runout, but given your description I like how you played it. Looks like he could have a scared Q or have backed into 2 pr but the guy's a spaz.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 358Subscriber
    Seems fine to me. What did he end up having?
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 387Subscriber
    The 4! Pre is a little light, but not horrible against the described Villain. Also, I wouldn’t size it this large, but I get what ur saying in your post about 3.5x sizing.

    Post flop looks fine. Not much else you can do against a V like this. Folding to these sizings would be bad imo.
  • ds2uared Posts: 379Subscriber
    A× 4 for fuckall.
  • hustlin Posts: 309Subscriber
    Pretty sick I’m thinking of tossing the river here. Price is good but w the Queen there. Hmmm u do have some Q’s and u look pretty strong by raising pre.
    U beat bluffs and maybe a hand like 99. His sizing is small so seems less bluffy. Seems like something w decent showdown lol.

    It’s pretty close. Think I would still fold here... though calling is fine too against this villain and sizing.
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