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Mahikalra Posts: 3Subscriber
While playing an online tourney, post registration period. I was in 6th position out of 90 remaining contestants. Having pocket Queens on the button and first to act with only blinds remaining. I raise to 4k while the blinds were 1k to 2k. The small blind jams with AK off all in who is in the 7th place. If I call and lose I am basically out of the tourney, after dominating for most part.
Needless to say I called and he drilled a king on the flop and eventually in the next few hands I was done.
My question is should have I called with Pocket Qs at that point in time in the tournament and risk it?



  • justfourfun Posts: 178Subscriber
    2x BB raise is too small. What are the chip,stacks?
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