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5-10-20 Top 2 on flop facing rr and call

Superfly Posts: 244Subscriber
edited April 13 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5-10-20(s), $4,000 effective, 9 handed

UTG+1 raises to $60, 1 caller, H CO calls 97dd, BTN and straddle call. 5 way to flop. Light call in CO but it was a fun table, I had loose aggressive image and there were players who would pay off if I hit something sneaky.

UTG+1 is wannabe pro with leaks. BTN is solid, sticky rec reg.

F ($310) 974ssh
UTG+1 $100, fold, H raises to $350, BTN rr $1000, fold. UTG+1 calls... H?


  • ds2uared Posts: 270Subscriber
    First, you were the button? So you didn't check on the flop? Making sure.

    On the flop, the SB donk leads. He has 3 combos of 44, 1 combo 77, 1 combo 99, some of which he check-raises. 74 suited has 1-2 combos depending on the suit distribution on the flop.

    But he also has some flush draws and straight draws and can win the hand a lot if UTG+1 folds. Plus, there are a lot of cards he can barrel. UTG+1 probably doesn't have a set of fours, although if he's a rec. anything's possible. But flatting really, really screams to me a draw, maybe the nut flush draw, maybe 2 overs and a flush draw.

    This is a crazy hand, but I really think there are too many draws, EVEN WITH 2 VILLAINS. I think IP I call and see the turn. OOP, god, I think I might actually shove the flop.

    Really interesting hand
  • Superfly Posts: 244Subscriber
    Sorry, you’re right. I am button and did not check flop. Edited my post accordingly.
  • Superfly Posts: 244Subscriber
    edited April 13
    Lol, had to make more edits. . Ok, now original post is right. I was a little hazy on positions since the gin and tonic club was in full session at the table and I am a loyal member. Got non-g&t club member to refresh my memory.
  • hustlin Posts: 291Subscriber
    Wow this hand is nuts. I’m a little perplexed myself.

    It’s kinda odd for UTG+1 calling here .also his hand is odd maybe like a nut flush draw or over pair.

    As BTN sets of course and A4s, 54s, 43s.

    You could call here and re evaluate turn.
    Or just jam it in here with how big the pot is.
    It’s a tough spot I think I’m slighting leaning towards jamming since we are top part of our range.

    It’s just hard decision because we are quite deep being 200bb deep.
  • Superfly Posts: 244Subscriber
    edited April 19
    Thanks for feedback #ds2uared and #hustlin

    I ended up jamming and got called by both. UTG1 had NFD with AKss and BTN had same hand as me-97dd. Spade hit turn and UTG1 took it down. There was some discussion about whether BTN should have folded to my shove. Not sure about that. But UTG1 likely to have called anyway since he was still getting 2:1.
  • hustlin Posts: 291Subscriber
    If Im BTN , I would strongly consider folding here haha. I mean theirs only a few hands you beat here lol.
    I wouldnt expect button to fold such a strong hand. but I myself might have to laydown 97 to a reshove with a caller behind.
  • hustlin Posts: 291Subscriber
    Great hand thou, the way it ran out on the flop its quite far for it to happen like this. really cool spot.
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