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250 Hour Challenge for Remainder of 2019

Just a 30s serious recreational player trying to get back into playing poker more regularly. Did something similar in 2017 with decent results. Hoping to recreate that. Will post results here and perhaps a few interesting hands. Most will be from $5 blind level Bay Area games.


  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    Played my first session of the challenge. Made about $500 over 4 hours. Cut the session short after an obnoxious player tried to angle shoot me in a hand and got away with it. Said I checked when I clearly did not and then announced his hand. I moved my hand to signal him to let me see his stack (his arm was completely covering it). Both the dealer and floor supported him. Same floor guy has made multiple terrible rulings in hands I’ve been in. Probably the worst floor person I’ve seen at any casino. Will avoid this casino for at least the next few weeks.
  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    5 hour session last night of 2/3/5. Made about 330. Pretty uneventful and card dead most of the session.

    Totals for challenge: 9 hours, $835 in profit
  • BartBart Posts: 5,835AdministratorLeadPro
    Try to make weekly posts (or every 20 hours), not daily and post an image of whatever tracker that you use and graph. Thats what I do for my challenges. Bart
  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    Bart said:
    Try to make weekly posts (or every 20 hours), not daily and post an image of whatever tracker that you use and graph. Thats what I do for my challenges. Bart
    I only play once a week most of the time, but will try that. Will start posting my tracker results once I get to the first 20 hour increment.

  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    Past the 20 hour mark for my challenge. Up $2300ish so far. Results are in the attached images from a tracker I built in google sheets.

    It's almost staggering to think about how much variance there is in short term poker results. My winnings so far could have easily been close to nothing if not for one hand:

    Blinds 2/3/5 and there was a straddle and a dead $25 (Bay Area has good games). Folds to me in MP and I make it $65 with J10. SB calls. Effective stack is SB with about $1550. Flop ($144) is 10 8 3 and I bet 80 and SB calls. Turn ($304) is the 10 and I bet 160. SB check raises to 400 and I call. River ($1104) is a 3 (not bad) and he bets 400. I obviously go all in for his last 600 or so. He shows AJ for the flopped nut flush and puts on this big obnoxious show about how unlucky he is before ultimately slamming his chips down for a call and then storming out of the casino while muttering to himself.

    If that hand goes differently on the river, I go from netting out about $1550 in profit in the hand to losing at least $545, which would bring me back down to even for the challenge.

    Really happy with most of my play so far, and have fully bounced back from the worst downswing I have ever had playing ($8k). Will be trying to use this as motivation to get some more volume and studying time. My weekends have become more free lately, so will be taking some of that extra time to study with a new book I picked up called "The Mathematics of Poker". I definitely find studying math of poker more enjoyable than tells and other shit.

    Will be updating this again when I get in my next 20 hours. Probably my only update before I hit Vegas for at least a week during the WSOP.
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  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    20 more hours in. Dropped a bit of my profit. Up $1,558 over 41 hours for $38.00 an hour. Probably lost an extra 300 dollars with a really bad call with AA.

    About 40 page into "The Mathematics of Poker." All stuff I knew so far. Hoping to get into the more advanced concepts this week. I will update at 60 hours.
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