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250 Hour Challenge for Remainder of 2019

Just a 30s serious recreational player trying to get back into playing poker more regularly. Did something similar in 2017 with decent results. Hoping to recreate that. Will post results here and perhaps a few interesting hands. Most will be from $5 blind level Bay Area games.


  • sivaddivad Posts: 322Subscriber
    Played my first session of the challenge. Made about $500 over 4 hours. Cut the session short after an obnoxious player tried to angle shoot me in a hand and got away with it. Said I checked when I clearly did not and then announced his hand. I moved my hand to signal him to let me see his stack (his arm was completely covering it). Both the dealer and floor supported him. Same floor guy has made multiple terrible rulings in hands I’ve been in. Probably the worst floor person I’ve seen at any casino. Will avoid this casino for at least the next few weeks.
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