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$2/$3 $700, H PFR flops monster, gets raised, how to max value?

Chase Posts: 122Subscriber
Info on V's & H's image:
V1: Unknown 40s white guy who has been at the table for about an hour. I know all the regs in this player pool and he isn't one of them, but so far he seems to be playing similarly to an average reg. I played one pot with him in which the effective stack was $500, I opened TT $15 from HJ, he 3b! $40 from CO, and I called. He cbet $60 on a flop of J-3-6 two-tone; I check-called, and then folded to his $130 bet on an offsuit 6 turn card. He showed me KK. He probably views me as TAGy.

V2: 40s white-guy reg who typically starts the $3/$5 game weekday mornings. It's now late Sunday night. I've never seen him play the $2/$3 game, and there are currently two tables of the $5 game with an open seat so I know he isn't waiting to get in his normal game. He has been at the table for about 2 hours and seems to be playing his typical solid style, with the significant exception of frequently making very small sized raises over limper(s). We played a pot where there was an MP limper, V2 raises to $8 from the LJ with $180eff, two regs called from CO & BU, and I 3b! $55 from the SB with J T . The limper folded, V2 called, CO and BU fold. I cbet $50 on A 5 9 , he insta-jammed, and I folded. He likely views me as a TAGy reg.

Sunday night casino game, $2/$3 blinds, $700 effective stacks.

H Q J UTG $12, V1 UTG+1 calls, V2 CO calls, BB calls,

($44 after rake) Q J J

BB x, H ?

What's your plan here? What line is most EV?

Let's assume the action goes as follows:

H cbets $15, V1 quickly raises to $55, V2 cold-calls, and BB folds, now H ?

What's your plan here?

Thanks for your thoughts!


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 359Subscriber
    I would re-raise $155 and hope to get called by the case J and/or some monster combo draw.
    by 1hustlin
  • hustlin Posts: 309Subscriber
    +1 what garland say. I would bump it up a bit since we are so deep. if 100bbs we can get cute and just call the flop.
  • alecspade Posts: 73Subscriber
    +1 to raising. To me this looks like one of those spots where villain is either going to have a J here or some kind of pretty strong draw that he's not going to fold. A third player in the hand too means that there is a strong chance somebody has that other J.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 173Subscriber
    I don't think this is a spot to small cbet flop. When our river range is going to be very polarized, Vs are going to bluff catch any reasonable sized bet. Also, Utg1 will connect well enough to call one street and start turning hands into bluffs as the board favors both villains range more than yours. And bb has hands to check raise and barrel. VS tough opponents in general I would be checking most of my range here, but not QJ.

    As suggested, get value here before one of the 17 cards come that could slow trips down.

    What would be the best way to play this if V1 just calls and the turn is 6?
  • Chase Posts: 122Subscriber
    StreetFighter said:
    What would be the best way to play this if V1 just calls and the turn is 6?
    Betting turn, probably $30.

    Your comments about the flop are interesting. Checking flop seems to have a lot of merit. It will get checked through sometimes, but overall checking might be MAX EV.

    I'm confused about this part though:
    StreetFighter said:
    VS tough opponents in general I would be checking most of my range here, but not QJ.
    Are you saying you would bet QJ but check everything else?
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 173Subscriber
    I play low stakes and my strat is pretty much maximum exploit, but on these wet boards that connect to everyone's range pretty well, I don't think going bet fold with 100% of our hands except good Jacks, boats or combo draws is max EV.

    Give yourself any other hand in your UTG range that isnt trips or a boat.. What do you do facing this action? I think we have to fold most of it.

    Checking the flop in general.

    We have very few Jacks
    Vs have all the Jacks
    It's multi way.
    Sticky, annoying Vs will see more streets and bluff, or squeeze us as we cbet too frequently and there is dead money in the middle.

    Betting QJ

    With black QJ we block no draws, but top pair. Likely hands to make a bigger top pair have gut shots or better so are likely to call flop..we don't have to check and let them catch up.

    VS. Pocket pairs we might have 1 street of value

    VS Draws we might get multiple streets (occasional bluffs)

    VS A jack we want to get a pot going before a straight, flush, or Broadway card comes out. (I'm thinking JT, J9, J8 getting scared)

    C betting multiway it's just good to have it, or have a hand to call a raise. For our thinnest value, we probably want to cbet our over pairs that don't have a diamond or heart so we block some of their jx suited hands, but not flush draws. There is huge cooler potential there as we boat up and v makes straight or flush (hopefully not both). Those also block their good queens too. Maybe we can cbet TdTx as bad turns bring us a lot of equity. AdTd, KdTd for the nuttiest combos. Boats, just to start building a pot and not have to check raise.

    Check/call JT, maybe KJ, AdKd, Td9d, our over pairs with diamonds, most of our AQ and KQ. Honestly I probably bet all trips, but in theory we need something better than 1 pair in our check call range.

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