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Jonesey Posts: 28Subscriber
2-5 NLH at Encore, sitting at the must move game around 2am with $2K in chips. Young Chinese woman sits with very young looking man behind her, decked out in designer sports wear — Fendi, Louis Vuitton, etc. She buys in for $500 at the now 5-way table, he sits quietly behind. She plays very basic fit or fold poker, comes in with premium hands, not afraid to raise here and there, doesn’t seem to have a bluff in her at all. About 30 minutes later, when not in the hand, the man behind her (later find out it’s her new husband) whispers loudly in Cantonese what looks and sounds like some kind of romantic overture. Dealer immediately admonishes him “English only.” She says “he doesn’t speak English very much, and there was no hand.” Dealer says in a pretty rude tone: “doesn’t matter, English at all times.”

Husband takes this as a challenge. He comes and sits down in an open seat next to his wife, says “okay I play now." He pulls out a $5,000 yellow Baccarat chip, and asks for all in $5 chips. HIs English is very broken, but he’s obviously a bit angry at his earlier treatment and is now going to push us around. He can’t be much over 21 years old. Floor brings his $1500 in $5 chips and the rest in blacks, and tells him to put the $3500 in black chips away. He puts them on the table. Then he’s dealt a hand, and immediately, out of turn, without looking at the cards, raises to $400 by grabbing 4 stacks and putting them in the middle. Dealer admonishes him to play in turn, he clearly doesn’t understand. Finally everyone folds and he turns over rags. Next hand, same routine. The Dealer is admonishing him to wait his turn, I’m now trying to be patient and explain with a little more detail, and he’s kind of getting it, so we go on. Fifth hand, pro to my right calls his $200 pre-flop blind raise. Chinese player bets $400 on the flop, $400 on the turn, each of which the pro insta-calls, and on the river shows his hand as Q-9 off, and wins the pot with a queen on the board. Pro mucks his hand without showing.

Two hands later, Chinese player raises preflop to $300, still struggling to follow basic order of action, and his wife to his left calls him all in for less. Everyone else folds, he hates this and says he folds and pushes her the $300 in chips and then the dealer deals to the river, one player being all in. Dealer calls the floor and three of them come over and surround the table like cops. They start barking orders for him to “table his hand,” He’s getting frustrated and keeps saying “I muck,” the wife saying “can’t he muck?” And the floor saying you must show your cards, I need to know you’re not working with her to send her chips at the table (mind you he has $3500 in black chips supposedly not in play, so he could just buy her in for whatever he wanted). I tell the floor that we’re all fine with what he’s doing, he’s obviously new and doesn’t speak English and we’d prefer to work with him and help him understand. The floor boss keeps barking “sir I need you to table your cards now” to which I respond “there is no way he understands what that means.” The floor keeps playing the boss card, ordering him around, until finally he shows his hand -- 7-4 off, no pair, and his wife shows her hand: KQ suited for 2 pair, and she has won the pot. Then he and his wife get up in anger and frustration and take the now $6,000 in chips we were all going to win with him.

Questions: 1) I was trying so hard to keep the floor boss from bullying them, but to no avail, and I could see what was going to happen. Anything else I could have done to keep things from escalating? And 2), more importantly, what’s the correct calling range and calling strategy for his blind $1000 hands? I was waiting for a hand basically in my UTG raise range (AA-77, all AK and AQ, any suited Broadway cards except K-T) with the intention of seeing the river with these cards, and hoping I didn't have to raise anyone else out of the pot. I don't have any idea what he would have done if I raised him back.


  • Jonesey Posts: 28Subscriber
    BTW I am CERTAIN he did not look at his cards. I was watching extremely closely and he never once even tried to sneak a look.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,819AdministratorLeadPro
    I'm the first to hop on bad rulings and bad control of the game by the dealer but in this case they did the right thing. You can't do much but try to tell the floor the situation but this is why the rule of being able to ask to see someone's hand is in place. The dealer was just doing his/her job. And to answer question 2, position is paramount to the rest of the table. If you are next to act call or raise much tighter and if you close the action and truly think he's blind, you should be going with hands as weak as Q7s + if you don't care about the variance. Bart
  • fishcake Posts: 935Subscriber
    "Pro" calling his blind raise lol. Vegas pros suck.
  • PokerShaman Posts: 49Subscriber
    The real culprit, IMO, is the dealer enforcing the "English Only" rule. If no hand was in play, then that is just harassment of furriners who talk funny.

    I mean, really. You would think that casino staff would be better trained in the handling of crazy-rich Asian whales.
    by 1Jonesey
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