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4 hands vs Maniac at 1/3 500 cap

Villain is a VIP who loves to splash around and wants everyone to know that he is the most action at the table. Hero has Agro winning image. V for all 4 hands will refer to he same vip who is in seat 3 and I am directly on his left in seat 4. These 4 hands all occurred within a 30 minute span and V had already lost his first $500 buyin and reloaded another 500 before the first hand. All hands are at or around $500 effective with V unless otherwise noted.
1) $6 UTG straddle is on, V opens MP $20, Hero 3b $65 Qc9c. Folds back to V who calls.
Flop ($135) AcTd2d. V check, Hero bets $60, villain folds and flashes 83ss, so he’s basically opening and defending to a 3b with any 2 cards. (Throughout the hour span that he was at the table he probably opened around 60% of his hands)
2) Villain opens EP1 $15, hero 3b EP2 $50 KdQc. Button cold calls, Villain calls.
Flop ($150) A44 rainbow. V check, Hero bet $60, button and V both quickly fold.
3) $6 UTG straddle is on, V opens MP $20, Hero 3b $65 AcKh, cutoff cold calls, V calls.
Flop ($200) Js9h6h. V check, Hero check(give up) and CO checks back. Turn 5c. Action checks around again. River ($200) As. Final board is J96 5 A, front door flush draw bricks out. V quickly leads for $280. Hero?
4) V had just lost a pot and didn’t top off, so he starts this hand with $425. V opens HJ $15, Hero 3b CO $50 8c8s. Folds back to V who calls.
Flop ($100) 9h4c3h. V check, Hero bets $45, Villain calls. Turn ($190) 2c. Villain very quickly moves all in for $330. Hero?

Will put spoilers in the comments tomorrow, let me know what you think.


  • alecspade Posts: 63Subscriber
    Hand 3: Not interested in folding top-top here, yeah sometimes he coolers us with two pair but that happens. I'd be interested if he was stacking off by just calling off all the time (doesn't look like it based on the history provided) or if when he actually is aggressive post if he has it. Even if that were true, I'm just going to have to pay here.

    Hand 4: Depends on if he would raise the flop with a 9. This one's close. I'm assuming he basically never folds any pair on the flop so he could have a hand like 54 or even picked up a backdoor club flush or some other shit. Probably making the crying call.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 146Subscriber
    Call hand 3. Hand 4, bet bigger on the flop... Call it off.
  • sactownslick Posts: 2Subscriber
    Hand 3 I call, CO folds, V shows me 78hh so he flopped the world and turned the nuts with flush redraw.
    Hand 4 I call, river comes 2s and V shows Kc5c.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 51Subscriber
    I wouldn't put too much into V showing 83. Some Vs will do that, too make them look weaker than they actually are.
    Hand 1: Wouldn't 3B Q9 suited, there's just not going to be a ton of flops that are good for us.
    Hand 2: Maybe it's me, but I don't like 3B a UTG open or even a UTG 1 open with KQo. I know calling makes it tough to play post flop, but I think that's a call or fold hand pre.
    Hand 3: I would play that the same way
    Hand 4: Would also call. It sucks when he has a 9 but with EVERY flush draw and even every 5 here (this dude could have 57 or even 54) I think it's a call.
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