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Good spot to Bluff?

1/3 Riverwind... 750 effective... H covers V
UTG straddle to 6.
Hero UTG +1 Raises to 21 with 8 7, UTG +2, HJ, SB (V in this hand who will bet weak hands), BB and UTG all call.
Pot: 126 Flop:
K T 4
Checks around.
SB leads for 30, folds to hero who calls. Everyone else folds. Should hero raise here or is call ok?
Pot: 186
SB bets 50... Hero raises to 150. Thoughts?


  • rappcity15 Posts: 40Subscriber
    With the 8c7c you block hands that v could bluff river with. leading on the turn into 6 players is pretty strong as well. The only value hands you rep here is Ac4c and 99, 4 combos. Not a fan of the play IMHO
  • CraftBeerWizard Posts: 40Subscriber
    edited April 18
    Agree with rappcity15, Most front-door FDs that brick are not good bluffing candidates. Your hand is especially bad as a bluff candidate because you block clubs and the baby-straight.

    Calling the turn basically turns your hand face-up, what hands other than FDs are going to check the flop and x/c the turn?

    Your river raise is so small that he's getting 3.86 - 1 to call you! V only needs to be correct 1 out of 4 times for it to be profitable.

    This is a fold on the river. You were getting proper odds to call on the turn, but now your hand is pretty well-defined and there aren't any value hands in your range other than A 4 and 99. (99 is probably raising the turn as well)
    by 1CycleV
  • Maximilian65 Posts: 36Subscriber
    edited April 18
    I'd be starting that bluff on the turn. Put pressure on him right away (he bet 25% pot for god sakes, he's got a weak top pair), you only have one other player left to act and you have a ton of equity. I'd be raising the turn to around $95-$110. Now he has to call a pretty big raise and face a large bet on the river. I'm bombing almost all rivers. How much do you think he likes his top pair type hands then? Just trying to bluff the river isn't always credible IMO because your hand looks a lot like bricked draws and he only has to call $100 to win $386. I'd be calling if I were him for sure because what are you repping? You're never raising with AK or the like, you never have trip 4's, it's hard for you to have a boat as you'd likely be raising the turn with a set. Start your bluffs early, you played a massive combo draw too passively.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 69Subscriber
    edited April 19
    Thanks for the responses. Looking back I think it would have been smarter to start the bluff on the turn. I didn't think top pair was in Vs range. V folded to my raise and said "I guess your pair is bigger" so I think he had 55s-88s. Also, admittedly I didn't think about the odds I was giving him, just that I was getting 2-1 on a bluff.
  • Maximilian65 Posts: 36Subscriber
    Not that villain's logic makes any sense, but I believe based on what he said to you, that he would have looked you up with top pair there.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 69Subscriber
    Maximilian65 said:
    Not that villain's logic makes any sense, but I believe based on what he said to you, that he would have looked you up with top pair there.
    I agree. I just don't think he would lead that small on the turn with top pair, so I was trying to get him off Ts, which he may call with AT or QT.

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