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1/2 light 3 bet pot from SB

fih Posts: 29Subscriber
edited April 19 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/2 300cap. Hero has been at the table for a few hours and it's mostly a limpy table filled with typical 1/2 villains. Main Villain on button and covers hero. Folds to him and he makes it 15$. Hero (460$)wakes up in SB with K 9 . Hero doesnt know villain but in the past few hours I have seen raise his button a good amount but overall seems like a typical rec player.. I should be doing decent against a reasonable button open. I opt to 3bet to 55 and take the lead, I feel just calling OOP is a mistake... villain calls.

Flop is 110$ and comes K Q 10
What does hero do?


  • LatvianMissile Posts: 69Subscriber
    As played, hero should bet 40 since this hits his range better. You shouldn't be 3B K9 suited out of position or even in position it's not that strong.
    I'd also say calling a small bet in the SB would be better than raising since you only have the BB to worry about behind you and 3B just don't happen often enough in 1/2. I'd fold K9 suited in the SB and defend with it in the BB to a button open.
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    Hero should check and try to get to showdown as quick as possible. I might even check/fold to be honset with you... Sure, the board does hit your 3 betting range better, but at these stakes his calling range is probably just as tight as your 3 betting range. Your opponent has all the 2 pair, he has all the sets except for Kings, he has both straights, and he has better Kings. He does also have all the draws which makes the hand a little harder to play.
    I dont see you getting much value from a worse hand at this level, unless your opponent is completly terrible. I think hes probably just folding all pairs that are not a King, and he rarely has worse Kings. He'll continue with draws but those are the only hands we beat... If he does have a draw he will probably check back most of the time which I think is good for pot controll for this hand.
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