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Crush Live Poker Video No 388.: Rob's Session at Stones 5/5/10 (Part One)

Craig Posts: 726Administrator
Rob takes a look at some hands from his recent trip to Stones. Topics include cbetting, dealing with action players and dealing with pot odds.

Episode posts at 11 AM PST.



  • MSK Posts: 53Subscriber
    edited May 23
    in the first hand you said you didn't like his river bet. apart from what you said, it looks like a blocker bet from a bad reg, telepgrahing the exact hand he has on that runout (J being the one of the worst cards on the river).

    If I understand you correctly, he should have checked. Can you walk through the scenario of him checking against a known vegas pro? I don't think you would check behind here, the river is just too good of a card for you? If all of what you said is correct then his bet might not have been bad because he gets value vs being put in a difficult spot if you bet 1.5k otr?
  • RobFarha Posts: 188Pro
    There certainly are some situations where blocking bets can be good but imo this isn't one of them because he's just going to get raised so often.

    Of course in practice I don't have a hand to raise and like I mentioned in the video it looks like a fantastic bet when you get value from one of the few combos of Kx that doesn't improve to 2pr I will have in this situation relative to all the stronger hands in my range.

    The bet is losing money over the long term because I will have a pretty good nut advantage on this card and a smallish but non-zero percent of bluffraises which put him in an awful spot with TPTK after one of the worst river cards in the deck for him. I broke down the ranges in the video being incredibly generous to the other side of my argument and it's a clear call for me when he bets and based on the amount of hands I will have better than AK, a clear check from him imo.

    This is a classic results oriented spot where the thought process for people wanted to vbet might be "rob looks like KQ so lets bet small and get some value". Where of course I will have KQ and when I do it looks great, but AK vs the range of hands I VPIP on the river does not fair well - explained in the video.

    The same thing from the other side of the river decision - "oh he looks like AK or AA lets make a fold here cause he has it". Yeah this guy is going to have a lot, maybe he has it every time I can't predict that. I will say that even if he has a small amount of bluffs (not even every combo of AQ as a bluff is needed to make my call profitable) the call is still profitable (illustrated in the video). Even if he has value 80% of the time its still a call.

    I would absolutely snap-check behind with KQ here if he was to check the river. There just isn't enough stuff to get value from. Even if he had like AJ or something it would be a ridiculosly thin call by him. Me betting KQ vs a check is arguably thinner than his bet with AK.

    Betting yourself to avoid a bigger bet doesn't really make a ton of sense. He blocks a lot of calls with AK having the K in his hand, AA is MUCHHH better as a vbet despite being one pip up because theres quite a few more combos for me to have when he doesn't remove the K.

    He is better off check/calling vs some of the busted straight draws or smaller pairs with spades that I turn into bluffs otr. I suppose I could be less likely to raise his bet than I would be to bomb it myself if he checked, but I think in this specific spot the approach/thought process I took ends up working out fine for me after I reviewed it.

    Bluffraise some straight draws/possibly pairs with a spade that get there.

    Pay the man and cry when I have KQ.

    or have a hand better than AK of which I have plenty :)
  • MSK Posts: 53Subscriber
    edited May 24
    what I like about this video is that it gives me peace of mind because I would pay the man and then torture myself for not making the "obvious" fold or trying to move him off of TPTK so thank you for showing why this is fine. I really appreciate the detailed response, my subscription already paid for itself this month.
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