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2-3 Deep facing river shove

naxetami Posts: 24Subscriber
edited April 20 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2-3. Eff 1150

V is unknown but appears very competent. Hasn’t gotten out of line. H seen as competent on the tight side, but also somewhat unknown to V. We’re the big stacks at the table.

PF donkey raises 20 (standard size) from MP, V calls in HJ, H calls with 7s7h in CO. All fold. Flop As6s10c. Both check, H bets 45. Donkey folds, V calls. Turn As6s10c7c. V checks, H bets 110, V calls. River As6s10c7cKh. V checks, H bets 210, V jams. H?


  • ds2uared Posts: 270Subscriber
    Where did the donkey raise from? Where did V call from? No reason to bet this flop. You're never getting equity against you to fold out. And you hate most runouts.

    AP, when your hand is super disguised, overbet the pot. $175-$200 on the turn.

    On the river, meh...I don't trust these players at these depths to be over-valuing their hands too often. This is at worst, a set of sixes. AK is worried QJ came in and they will call. 66 can't help theirselves sometimes. Everything else they raise with beats you. Competent players tend to not make complicated bluffs versus unknowns. Believe his bet. And note in the future, he either slowplayed TT on the flop, or called too high a price for a draw (waaaay more likely).
  • naxetami Posts: 24Subscriber
    Edited positions above.

    I’ll agree that my flop bet was on the meh side, but I was partial value betting/protecting against the donkey who chases anything.

    And Since V is competent and knows the donkey has a wide range, I think he would have raised 10s+ PF, which is why I lean more towards a suited combo that was drawing.
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 148Subscriber
    edited April 20
    Fold. I’d expect to see QJss or QJcc a lot here. 98s is also possible, but I’d expect straights to bet or raise the turn with 2 flush draws out there.
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