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1/2/5 to go First live PLO session

xiPLEADthe5th Posts: 6Subscriber
Biggest pot I’ve played that night just want some thoughts on the hand

500 effective
Few limpers CO bumps it up to 35 hero on the BTN with A A 3 4 3bets to 125 co calls

Flop (250) T 2 2
Co x hero cbets to 125 and co shoves

I’m completely new to PLO and have no idea what I’m doing. My main questions are since 1 pair hands aren’t usually good at the river in PLO is this one of the aces combos where we can just take a flop and go from there and when villain shoves what is our general plan with our entire range here? I’m blocking flush draws how important is that in this situation


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    Starting with your flop raise you should be thinking spr. When you bet 125 even if you only get one caller that’s spr<2. One caller and pot is 250. Stacks 375. You are essentially already all in on most flops given the price you will be getting. This particular flop is just perfect as there are not many 2 or TT in villains range and the villain is facing the same low spr and thus should be stacking off light

    Re the idea of not raising pre. Now bankroll and variance come to play. The shorter the effective stacks the higher the variance in theory, but that gets messed up by the fact that mistakes are more expensive when deeper. If you can’t afford to take a lot of flips then either don’t play Plo or accept a lower ev strat in exchange for less variance. It’s also a good idea to mix your play and having some aa in this spot as a call makes sense. So it’s not horrible to just call behind especially since you have the button. Most of the time though you want to pot as you did at these spr , setting up an easy pot on most flops
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    I'd prefer to NOT have the Ac here, but I agree with FreeLunch that you are too short compared to the pot to considering folding.

    To provide some perspective on how unlikely it is that he has a 2 or TT, let's assume that he has a top 20% hand but never the other two aces (since he didn't GII preflop). There are 27862 combos, but only 2096 combos have a 2 or TT. That's less than 10%. Of course, not all of these play the flop as a check raise, but I think the point remains.
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