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Polarizing River Bet, 2/3 NL

GlennJones Posts: 157Subscriber
edited April 21 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Game is 2/3, $300 cap at the Bicycle Casino late on a Sarutday night. Villain is BB. Youngish white guy (maybe early 30's?) and has been playing tight for the hour he's been at the table. He's not a reg, so I have no history. I'm an older (early 60's) white haired guy myself, so should have a tight image if he is capable of paying attention. Effective stacks $300.

Hand is limped preflop in a couple of spots. I raise AQo in SB to $13. BB calls. UTG limp/calls. Post is $39 after drop.

Flop Ks2s3d. Checks through.

Turn Kc. I bet $25. Both call ($114).

River 8c.

At this point, it's tough to put either of these opponents on a King because of the flop check. Likewise, my flop check should indicate to both that my range excludes Kings as well. I think I have some showdown value, but I'm also thinking that there should be some midling pocket pairs here that I lose to. So, I decide to turn my hand into a bluff and bet $70. BB now moves all in (overbets pot).



  • Garland Posts: 255Subscriber
    edited April 21
    Pre-flop raise is too small. I would go 20-25 depending on standard raising sizes. In small stakes games I am aiming to win by maximizing value rather than bluff and would check all streets unimproved and betting nominal amounts if an A or Q materialize. Fold if anyone bets. You may well have the best hand and win showdown unimproved. Also I am doubting pocket pairs will fold to this line. As played fold to the all-in.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 158Subscriber
    Raise more pre. Bet flop, barrel turn Broadways, 4 or 5, especially if you do not hold the ace of spades. 3 barreling here a lot especially with the small sizing pre. Have to use all of the power those white hairs give you. If you check, just check fold.
  • LatvianMissile Posts: 69Subscriber
    I think there are pocket pairs that will float that you can push out, but I also think it's reasonable to think either player could have checked back a K on the flop. River is a fold. I don't have a problem with trying to go for it on the river because I do think the pocket pairs are going to fold there, but with 2 others in the hand I'd lean towards a check-fold.
  • ds2uared Posts: 270Subscriber
    Preflop I agree. $20-$25 depending on the number of limpers.

    I think this is not that bad of a turn bet. You can get some stray hands that might pair up on the river to fold. But you also have the nut-no-pair and some showdown value. And when the board pairs on the turn with top pair and the other 2 cards are a 2 and a 3, you are never going to get better than you to fold and only flush draws are going to call you.

    I think that's why this river is a check as played. You have a bluff catcher (depending on the bet size). I think most pairs are going to call you on this river. On this runout, I want to catch the missed flush draws more than try to push out pairs. Especially because you know a lot of his value hands are going to try to be checking it down.

    AP, this is a fold OTR.
  • GlennJones Posts: 157Subscriber
    Thanks all.

    In retrospect I think I made two mistakes in this hand:

    Flop: I think I should be betting a lot here. Big little little is a good texture to c-bet and should hit my range. If played back at, I can evaluate the turn.

    River: I agree with the check/call check/fold line. There's no way I can re-bluff here because my line allowed villain to move all-in. Better line was probabaly check river/evaluate.

    I'm not a big fan of raising larger pre-flop. In L.A., these are typically short stacked games because of the buy in structures ($100-$300), and raising more pre OOP against a short stack (in this case UTG) just puts me in an awkward spot.
  • PokerShaman Posts: 65Subscriber
    If UTG has a short stack, then the effective stack is their stack size, not yours.
  • GlennJones Posts: 157Subscriber
    edited April 26
    PokerShaman said:
    If UTG has a short stack, then the effective stack is their stack size, not yours.
    Yes. I'm aware. In this case, UTG was the short stack and ended up folding. BB and I had equivalent stacks (about 100BBs).

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