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Villian snap calls 300bb river shove in limped pot

Villian probably one of the best players on the table, stretch for a 1/2 game. He's on my left, I was gonna move but I'm lazy.

Limped pot 7 ways, hero checks JT os.
AK4os flop checked through, turn 7os,checks through, river Q.

checked to hero who bets 20, villian min raises to 40, hero puts out a stack of black chips figuring we are chopping or villian is bluffing and I'm ready for the next hand.

Vilian snap calls and tables QQ, crickets.....


  • PokerIlluminati Posts: 45Subscriber
    Talk about a brain fart by villain. Is it possible he locked in on the river Q and forgot about the straight? Nice pot none the less
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