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Mississippi Straddle Opening Ranges

IceTheKicker Posts: 2Subscriber
edited May 9 in Fast Track Poker Videos
Most discussion of straddles assumes a UTG straddle - i.e. 3 blinds. But what about a straddle from the button with SB first to act? Would you use a normal UTG range from the SB in such a hand? What about the other positions when the straddle is on?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,845Subscriber
    I would and I do.
    by 1CycleV
  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    Obv if the button in the straddle the sb should be extremely tight.. Might even want to implement a limp and raise strategy. Its like the super UTG with 8 to act behind you with the positional disadvantage. Bart
  • PokerShaman Posts: 71Subscriber
    What Bart said. If you are UTG in a non-straddle game, there is at least some chance that when you open you will wind up head-up in position vs. one of the blinds.

    When the button straddles and you are in the SB, you are guaranteed to be out of position for the entire rest of the hand.
  • IceTheKicker Posts: 2Subscriber
    Thanks for comments. What about other straddled positions? In these games, any position beside the blinds can straddle, with the button having first priority. Let's say you're in MP2 and MP1 straddles. You still are first to act, pushing you towards being tighter but there is more dead money possibly pushing you to a wider range to pick it up. Does the first fact dominate and you play tighter in a given position under a straddle than without a straddle?
  • JS84 Posts: 31Subscriber
    I would say the later your position post-flop, the wider your pre-flop open range can be. You still want to have a tight opening range since you are first to act pre-flop and there are more people that can call/raise you, but you are more likely to have position post-flop the later you are.

    In a standard UTG straddle, if you are first to act, there are 3 people who you can have position on post-flop, and 5 that you will be out of position against you. With a button straddle, SB is out of position to all 8 players post-flop, and thus should be extremely tight. Cut-off straddle is the opposite, and you can open up your range a bit.
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