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2-5 PLO - River Bluff Spot

High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
BB ($850) - been at the table with him about 1.5 hours and he has not played any significant hands. So don’t have a good read but seems tight and solid. He’s probably in his 20s or younger 30.

Hero ($1500) has an aggressive and winning image. Game has gotten shorthanded and last 30 minutes, only 5-6 at table and thus playing the table is tighter. We are playing with mandatory straddle.

Preflop - CO limps, Hero raises to $40 on the button with AcKcTh4h. BB and CO call. 3way action.

Flop ($125) 8c7c6h. BB leads $100, CO folds, Hero calls.

Turn ($325) 8c7c6h4d. BB leads $100 again, Hero tank calls.

His same bet sizing here on the turn was abnormal. I did not think he would size this way with the nuts. So, I briefly considered raising with my T blocker to try to fold out weaker straights but wasn’t sure how much fold equity I had. Plus, he may call-off anyways if he has a set. So, I decided to call getting true odds.

River ($525). 8c7c6h4d8h. BB checks. Hero? Is this a good spot to bluff? Sizing?


  • FuzzyDunlop Posts: 139Subscriber
    I'm just getting started at PLO so take my opinion witbh a grain of salt.

    I think it's a great spot to bluff. Given his sizing indicates a non nut turn hand and his river check meaning he is unlikely full, then you have a perfect spot to represent a flopped set that fills up on river. Given your description of him it seems unlikely he'd call a decent sized river bet with a non nut straight. I'd be looking at a $325 sizing.
  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    Spots like this are player dependent and read based. Some just never fold, some fold if if they don’t have the nuts, even if they had the nuts the prior street. Absent reads the turn bet either could or could not be consistent with a villain that is nut scared. He might have had what he thought was nuts on flop, then worried he was beat in turn. If that’s the case a bluff will work most of the time. But he also might have been trying to get you to spaz on the turn, or had a set and thought he would fold if raised in the flop and then does not know what to do when called, or he had a set and did not care if he got raised in the flop as he “is never folding” but then wants a cheap river. It’s really hard to say absent specify reads.

    I think sometimes we should raise turn. It would be easier if you were deeper as yah can fold easier on river and a small raise here looks odd, but sometimes maybe just 2,5x so 250. Pot is probably best as it looks like you had the nuts and were scared of flush and wanted a safe card. That’s probably the most believable line and worth using in these spots a decent percent of the time.
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