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Garret Adelstein depression

Watched half of Garret depression podcast on Joey Ingram show. I give him credit for opening up about his illness and the fact that he seeks pro help without being on meds. Did i get that right? Then again he admits the love of alcohol but you cant mix drugs and alcohol because it can be deadly so that might be reason why he is not on meds. What i find hard to comprehend is that here is a good looking guy with a GF in his early 30's with money coming out of his ass . He appears to be a winning poker player on the LATB stream and without question keeps the game exciting but what on earth is he depressed about? Look i understand that being depressed at times and clinical depression are two different animals but i still have hard time distinguishing both. More than likely i could be bi polar or suffer from depression because i get upset easily when i lose. I was married twice i have kids but i am still depressed most of the time. I never smoked never did drugs never drank alchohol Maybe i should or i could be missing something but at my age it wouldnt make sense to start bad habits .


  • BennyAdeline Posts: 14Subscriber
    It's admirable for you to open up about this. I agree Garret's comments on the podcast were very interesting. He does seem to have a lot going for him, but the thing is, mental illness doesn't care how ones life is, good or bad. That's what makes it tricky.

    I'll get a little personal here even though I'm a new user. I'm 38, have been married to an amazing and foxy woman for 11 years, have 2 amazing little girls, a great job, and very little "bad" in my life. I also suffer from severe anxiety. I basically think the world is going to end the minute any little (and i mean little) thing goes wrong...something like I break a plate and suddenly i feel like my family is going to end up homeless. It's a mess.

    but...I'm ok, because I've learned to mitigate it. I go to therapy weekly, take some light medications when needed, and practice calming techniques daily.

    I don't drink or do drugs either (never have) and don't suggest you start. They won't help.

    Seek help man! seeing a therapist or psychiatrist doesn't mean you are weak or crazy...it just means you need some guidance and assistance. You DO NOT have to spend your life feeling like garbage. It takes work but you CAN beat the issue and come out much better for trying.

    I hope that helps in some way.

  • nofriends333 Posts: 883Troll
    It does help thank you . Glad you brought up anxiety i battle that as well. The two things in life that trouble me the most and i mean this with all sincerity is when someone threatens my life over something as trivial as a parking spot or some nonsense like cutting in front of a line. I realize those people are usually minorities of the worst kind or just very ignorant .But i take threats very seriously regardless of how insignifigent they may appear A threat is a threat and should never be taken lightly. The other thing is constantly reading or hearing about someone close to my age dying of cancer or heart attack and the informericals of various medications which could alleviate the severity of those conditions .

    Death threats and reading about deaths from the diseases i mentioned can propel me into a very depressive state for several days or maybe weeks. Social media is out there and there is little we can do about sources reporting news but something should be done about those depressing extended infomericals about this one and that one being diagnosed with colon cancer brain cancer etc etc and not only do we have to be subjected to this on TV but more so on the radio. and those hospital or meds infomercials can sometimes last upwards of 2 minutes plus. I turned on the tv to watch ESPN or a ball game . I dont want to hear this depressing shit. They are not helping matters by putting it out there ok? All it does is instill fear .

    Just the other day i read about former 80's porn star Jerry Butler who was pretty well known in LA back in the 90s dying at the age of 58 .He was married briefly to the girl who played Wednesday on the Addams family tv show in the 60;s Lisa Loring I was like WTF? The guy was always a fitness freak so it had to be coke because he did have a drug addiction at one point . . We are practically the same age and i met him back in 1993 when he was living in Brooklyn NY. At first i thought it had to be AIDS or drug overdose because that was par for the course with porn stars back in the day. Nothing of the sort It was a cancerous tumor which was removed then sometime later it grew back and took his life . Makes me sick to my stomach . Back in the 70;s and 80's celeb were dying of self inflicted disease 2000 and up it seems its out of our hands and up to god. That is very very scary Here is the link on Butler Sad sad depressing
  • BennyAdeline Posts: 14Subscriber
    I feel you on all that! Anxiety is a killer

    Get help man. Find a therapist and a psychiatrist. It can change. I promise you.
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