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PLO8 - Everyone loves a chopped pot

Okay, so this isn't really a deep strategy post. I just wanted to post a hand I was involved in on Saturday with an outcome I had not seen in all my years playing FL and PL Omaha 8 and I figured this forum would appreciate the post more than the BBV forum. And I apologize in advance that I don't perfectly remember the other players holdings or stack sizes.

Game: 2/3, 5-to-go PLO/PLO8 mix game at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles. We are in the PLO8 round.

3 players limp for $5 and I raise to $30 on the button with A 2 3 5. I have about a $600 stack and cover all villains. Both blinds and all 3 limpers call and we see the flop 6 ways.

Flop: K64 :r:, one . Action checks to me and I bet pot, $180. The big blind and two of the limpers call. Pot equals $900.

Turn is the 3. The big blind, with the shortest stack of the 3 remaining villains moves all-in, I think for $140 or so. The first limper, with the largest stack of the remaining villains also moves all-in, for about $260 or so. The last villain also moves all-in, and I call all the all-ins. At this point, I am hoping for a spade river to lock up the high, knowing I am going to chop the low.

River is the 5. I turn over my hand and announce my 2-6 straight for high and nut low. First villain shows A23X for the same straight and nut low. Second villain shows 244X for a flopped set that rivered the 2-6 straight with a non-nut low. The third villain turned over A24X for the same straight and nut low. No one had the 7 or 8 high straight, and I was the only one drawing to the flush on the river. I don't remember 100%, but I don't think anyone had 2 pair on the turn.

End result: 4 highs, 3 lows. I've seen both sides chopped before in Omaha, but not across 4 players like this. I realized after everyone showed their hands that I was the only one with the straight on the turn and the offsuit 5 made a gutshot straight for all 3 other villains. I also had one out, the case Ace, that would have counterfitted the other two lows and I would have scooped. If the board would have paired, I would have gotten sixth-ed on the low.

I did make some money in that pot chopping up the low 3 ways in a pot that started 6 ways. And credit to the dealer who did a fine job in chopping up the two side pots and the main pot (with the largest stack I got a piece of every pot). Ended up leaving about an hour later having booked a double-up from my starting buy-in.
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