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Playing 1-2 PLO, player to my left straddle to 10. Gets a few callers and I over call with A A J 7, thought process was that straddle player has been potting every hand and I can go over the top. He does pot to 60 two callers and I repot to 285. I have 360 before the hand started. I cover the straddle player thinking I can get it heads up. Is this a good thought process? Plus is this a strong enough hand to do it with, if I get multiple callers? Everyone called!!


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,309Pro
    This a +ev line for sure, possible the most +ev line with this hand in the situation you described. You can’t fold any flop at this spr so it’s an all in and if you get one or both of the callers to leave you with the Argo player it’s a very profitable spot as they just added dead money. This is basic short stack strategy. You probably did not think you were short but if there is an agro player raising most pots that lowers the effective spr.

    This is also a very high variance line so if it bothers you loosing a few dozen pots like this in a row (which sadly happens) then the reason for a limp call line would be for bankroll or psychological management
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