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2/5 Best turn??

MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
edited May 15 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 NL Neeme Owen meet up game.
470 effective
Hero SB A♦️J♦️
MP1 limps.
MP2 raises to 15 (main V)
BTN, Hero, BB, MP1 call
Should I 3 bet that? That was my first thought
Flop (75) 2 3♦️7♦️
V bets 35
BTN, Hero, MP1 calls
Turn (215) A♠️
I also thought about donking half pot too
V Bets 110


  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    U can 3betpre is fine.

    As played I would x/c with this being so multi-way. Try to hit ur flush or get to SD
    by 1CycleV
  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    edited May 15
    Confused a bit about preflop. Did MP1 limp and MP2 raise to 15? If that’s the case I’m definitely 3 betting pre. Those small opens over a limp are usually indicative of a weak hand, or sometimes AA, but you do block that.

    If MP1 opened and MP2 and button called, I’m also likely 3 betting from the SB with this hand. It’s one of you better hands, but doesn’t play that great multi-way and there is a lot of dead money to pick up here.

    As played, on the flop, I’m probably leaning towards a raise. Will be hard for many hands to call given the board, and you have a boatload of equity but not a lot of showdown value against so many opponents. Calling isn’t horrible, but these draws don’t play awesome when taking a passive line OOP.

    On the turn, think you should be calling as played. Your hand has good showdown value and you aren’t really scared of any river cards. If you donk and get raised, you’ll be in a shitty spot with no one to blame but yourself. If you raise, you will likely only get called from a hand that is better than yours.

    by 1CycleV
  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    I turned my top pair into a bluff. I jammed for the remaining ~300 and he snapped with 22. I was thinking too right after I bet WTF I'm only getting called by better and just going for my fish now, guess with 2 pair outs too but not looking good.
  • fishcake Posts: 954Subscriber
    3b pre don't donk turn don't cr turn just call.
  • Geet Posts: 38Subscriber
    I would probably call here but its hard to put villian on hands that we beat. Villian cbet into 4 people on the flop - could be overpairs or sets. Then he bets into 3 people when there is an A on the turn. I think at this point the only hands that he can have are sets. 22,33,77 or AA. May be AK but less likely. So we are only hoping to make our flush on the river. This could also be a fold depending on the type of villian. If he would only do this with sets on the turn and AK we are not getting the odds to make the flush. If Button calls then we are getting 4:1 and can call for the nut flush.
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