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2/3 $800eff, hand equivalency river bluff catch

Chase Posts: 113Subscriber
edited May 15 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Info on V:
V: Reg who plays 3-4 times a week both 2/3 cash and the nightly tourneys. Seems to play like an average reg, maybe a bit of a station. V busted from tonight's tournament and sat down about 30min ago with $500. He played one significant pot so far where he called down 3 medium sized barrels vs another reg on J62r2T with 99. H has tight and winning image.

$2/$3 Tuesday night casino game, $600 cap buy-in, 9-handed,
H ($800 effective) Q J HJ $13,
V flat BTN,
($25) J T 4
H $20, V quick $40, H call,
($105) J T 4 J
H x, V $85 pretty quickly, H x-c,
($275) J T 4 J 7
H x, V $200 pretty quickly, H ?

- Spades bricked out
- 98 completed a straight on the river
- V can rep most (or all) KJ & AJ combos with the given line.
- H blocks KQo and Qh9h (idk if V flats Q9o)
- This hand is near the top of my range in this spot, but given hand equivalency / relative hand strength it's pretty much just a bluff catcher.

Should H bluff-catch here with AJ and KJ only? If you're calling, what's the best bluff-catchers here? JX, AA/KK (if you don't 3b! flop), what else? If you think V has enough bluffs to call at the given price are you calling with anything that has enough showdown value to beat busted spades?

Does the 7 make a difference to your call/fold decision? What if river was a total brick like an offsuit 2, 3, 5, or 6?

Thanks for your help!


  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 158Subscriber
    I like the flop sizing especially given your call down light read.

    I generally put minraises and small raises in the tpgk/tptk category. A hand like JT or 44 would generally put more money in on such a connecting board. Stations are usually going to station with an oesd and just front door spades. The only likely big draws are kq and 89.

    Wouldn't turning a full house give them pause on sizing or whether to even bet?

    Yes I think you can call here with kj and aj. Getting more money in on the turn seems good with AJ.

    This is looking like a river fold because of them all the aj and kj hands in their range and very few logical spade bluffs.
    by 1CycleV
  • MattM Posts: 39Subscriber
    This spot sounds very much villain dependent. I know many donks who are calling with all suited jacks to a $13 raise at 1/3 (2/3 in your case) and would play it the same way, all the way down to value betting J2s on the river. I'm assuming villian has a jack because of flop raise sizing and continuous betting. There are also button clickers that will do this with AT for no reason, but the river bet would be a smaller sizing. Some villians at 1/3 are actually somewhat tight, and wouldn't even value bet your hand on the river. To sum it up, you need to know your villian here to know what the right decision is.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,004Subscriber
    I'd never fold AJ and KJ, and tbh, I'd shrug call this one too. Hell, even J9 sometimes.

    FWIW I don't think anyone why spends more than 1 night a month playing daily MTTs is any good. (Prob more like 1 time a year, tbh.) So as ^^ mentioned, there's just too much button clicking for me to lay this one down.
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