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1/3 Double Board Bomb Pot

ChaosInEquilibrium Posts: 13Subscriber
edited May 16 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
V1 is MAWG on his 3rd beer. Stacks off light. Donates a lot to this game and is the main reason Hero is sitting at the table. $460 effective.

V2 is YWG. Winning reg. I think he's a tough player and I generally try to stay out of his way. $800 effective.

Hero covers.

Double board bomb pots play as a split pot game. 2 flops, turns, and rivers are dealt. Table posts a 10 dollar ante and betting action starts after the flops are dealt. The best hand on each board wins half the pot at showdown -- you can scoop if you have the best hand on both boards or if you bet the other players out of the hand.

J 6 5
K 4 3

We look down at T 3 in the CO.

Action checks to V1 in MP2 and he bets out for 100. We flat and V2 flats in the BB.

J 6 5 6
K 4 3 Q

V2 checks, V1 bets 150, Hero calls, V2 calls.

J 6 5 6 7
K 4 3 Q A

V2 checks, V1 shoves for 200, Hero calls, V2 folds.


Since ranges are completely random, I think a hand like T 2 is an easy fold on the flop to this sizing since we're risking our whole stack to win half the pot (like $50). Given we hold a pair on the second board, I feel the flop call is standard; there are just two hands that scoop us: Q 4 and A 4 and we scoop a bunch of hands (any worse flush that doesn't contain the 4).

The flop call by V2 is concerning as there's a good chance V1 and V2 are fighting over different boards and we could be drawing almost dead. Turn cards on both boards couldn't be worse as Q high flushes pair up on the bottom and it's possible either player may have boated on the top board. Effective SPR in main pot is close to 1 so we need about 33% equity in the combined pot (or 25% if we think V2 is committed). Basically we need to be good on the top board more than half the time against both players. I strongly considered folding turn as this appeared to be quite a marginal spot.

I think raise/gii on the flop is totally fine, and I would have reraised this hand from OOP for sure. My plan, albeit risky, was to try to squeeze a bit of extra money into the pot, relying on positional advantage to navigate tricky runnouts. If I call flop I will often entice an early position player to call with Kx or the A. When the turn goes check/bet, I can jam over the top to squeeze out the EP player. Actually, most players at the table were less than $500 effective. The awful turn cards and the deep stack of V2 froze my action on the turn.

Given the spaz factor in this game and pot odds I feel committed on the river once I call turn
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