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Semi-Bluff Line $2/5 Out of SB

JredA Posts: 60Subscriber
edited May 23 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/5 Local Casino ($500 Max Buy In)

Hero has a fairly LAG image after getting some hands early and winning a few big pots. $1360.

Hero is in the SB w/ A T

UTG is the main villain and has shown a few hands that have led me to believe he opens wider than most. He also keeps commenting on how he can't wait for the PLO game to open. He starts the hand w/ $450.

UTG $15. Hero call. BB call.

Flop ($45) = J 5 6

Hero ch. BB ch. UTG $30. Hero call. BB folds.

Turn ($105) = 6

Hero ch. UTG $40. Hero $120. Villain calls.

River ($345) = 9

Hero jams to put villain all in for roughly $280.

I find myself in spots like this when calling EP raises out of the SB w/ hands such as strong broadway suited connectors.

I thought this was a good turn to semi-bluff in game. But now that I review the hand I feel I was getting the right price to call and I held two broadway hearts thus reducing his heart draws.

On top of that I don't have a ton of 6x in my range. My only value hands are basically 55,66. I prob fold 67s and 56s pre. I think I should be calling with pretty much my whole range.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • DrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    Squeeze preflop as described, say $65-75. As played, you can lead or ✔️⬆️ the flop. I think I prefer the aggression here on these stack sizes. You never have to fold and have a lot of fold equity. The turn play makes it fairly easy on the villain if they have a decent value combo. The described player type is not folding on that river. I probably give up as played.
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